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22 Apr 2008

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

In the game of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, players will return to Hogwarts to help Harry survive a fraught sixth year. They will also have a chance to engage in exciting wizard duels, mix and brew magical ingredients in Potions class and take to the air to lead the Gryffindor Quidditch team to victory. Players may even get...
Genre: RPG   Our score: 5.3
25 Feb 2008

Overlord: Raising Hell

Set in a seriously twisted fantasy world, Overlord: Raising Hell is an action adventure that has players being ruthless, determined, and even a little despotic as they pillage lands and conquer kingdoms in order to be proclaimed the all-powerful Overlord. At the heart of the game is an army of slavish little creatures known as Minions, and their...
Genre: RPG   Our score: 7.5
21 Feb 2008

Penny Arcade Adventures - On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One

On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness is an episodic RPG-Adventure game set in a deranged comic-book-meets-pulp-horror universe. Armed with unconventional weaponry, you join forces with the Startling Developments Detective Agency to make war on bizarre enemies and solve the mysteries hidden deep in the sinister heart of New Arcadia.

Genre: RPG
18 Feb 2008

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith brings these quintessential rock legends to the interactive realm to create the ultimate gaming experience. As fans progress through their careers in the game, they can rock out to scores of Aerosmith’s greatest hits, as well as songs from celebrated artists that the band has either performed with or has been inspired by...
Genre: RPG
13 Feb 2008

Mass Effect

Mass Effect combines a deep story with intense combat and challenges the player to make difficult decisions that can significantly impact the course of events. An innovative conversation system allows for lifelike interaction with some of the most realistic digital actors, voiced by Hollywood actors such as Seth Green, Marina Sirtis, Lance...
Genre: RPG
10 Jan 2008

Fallout 3

Vault 101 – Jewel of the Wastes. For 200 years, Vault 101 has faithfully served the surviving residents of Washington DC and its environs, now known as the Capital Wasteland. Though the global atomic war of 2077 left the US all but destroyed, the residents of Vault 101 enjoy a life free from the constant stress of the outside world. Giant...
Genre: RPG
27 Nov 2007

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the return to one of the most critically-acclaimed video game franchises of all time, telling the story of Adam Jensen, a man cybernetically augmented against his choice who finds himself in the middle of a global conspiracy to which he holds the key. By offering players the chance to play the game in multiple and...
Genre: RPG   Our score: 9.5
21 Nov 2007

Dungeon Lords 2 (working title)

No more information is available at this time.
Genre: RPG
12 Nov 2007

Valkyria Chronicles

Valkrja: Gallian Chronicle - Much-awaited brand new original title from Sega debut on PLAYSTATION3.


• The friendship with the fellow soldier and love. An epic human drama under the war. The story begins at a small country called Duchy of Gallia between Empire and Federation who claimed it's neutral position was...
Genre: RPG   Our score: 8.3
23 Oct 2007

Naruto (working title)

No more information is available at this time.
Genre: RPG
22 Oct 2007

Brutal Legend

Work has been going around the clock and insiders close to Schafer have described Brutal Legend as the chronicle of Eddie Riggs, a roadie of a virtuous metal band, pulled back in time to learn his true purpose. Offered the wealth and knowledge of an ancient kingdom in exchange for assembling a legion of his own design, the roadie commands a...
Genre: RPG   Our score: 7.8
31 Aug 2007

Valkyrie of the Battlefield

No more information is available at this time.
Genre: RPG
16 Jul 2007

Crusaders: Invasion of Constantinople

The end of 12th century is nearing. The Pope Innocent 3rd launches a new crusade in order to conquest the holy city, given up few years earlier to the Sultan Solomon armies. While the High Franc Barons mobilize for this new great epic, the meeting with Prince Alexis, Byzantine Empire throne descendant, will change the course of history: This...
Genre: RPG
29 Jun 2007

Rise of the Argonauts

With deep exploration and epic quests, players will take the role of Jason, King of Iolchis, and battle alongside iconic mythological heroes including Hercules, Achilles, Atalanta and others. As Jason grows from young king to true legend, set sail aboard the Argo and explore the vast Aegean - a dynamic world of islands filled with shining...
Genre: RPG   Our score: 6.0
17 May 2007

Folklore (aka Folks Soul: The Lost Folklore)

No further information is available at this time.
Genre: RPG
11 May 2007

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

In the future, rebel space colonies launch a brutal war for independence with a series of orbital strikes against the Earth. War is reinvented as advanced ECM renders long-range sensors and communications virtually useless. In this chaos, a frightening new weapon, the Mobile Suit, is born. Agile, heavily armed, and armored - optimized for...
Genre: RPG
08 May 2007

The Last Remnant

One thousand years ago humanity came into contact with Remnants. These magical fragments of a bygone era were once used to promote peace across the world. Soon, as the rift grew between those who ruled and those who obeyed, the remnants ceased being instruments of balance, and instead became paths to immeasurable power. Where once there had been...
Genre: RPG
25 Apr 2007

Eternal Sonata (aka Trusty Bell: Chopin's Dream)

The story of Eternal Sonata begins as a famous composer, on his deathbed, drifts between this life and the next. In his reverie, a happenstance encounter of a young girl who accepts her terrible destiny and a young boy fighting to save her, changes the destiny of the world. Uncover the light that shines in each of us in this enduring tale of...
Genre: RPG   Our score: 8.0
10 Apr 2007

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Fire up the fretboard, crank up the amp and get ready to rock like never before. Guitar Hero III drops you into the spotlight of the largest and most legendary rock concert ever.

The star-studded soundtrack includes master tracks by such legendary artists as The Rolling Stones, Beastie Boys, Muse and Pearl Jam. With added songs as...
Genre: RPG
28 Mar 2007

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a visually stunning MMO that will offer players the epic grandeur of a massive role playing environment combined with innovative combat mechanics, dynamic events, and personal storytelling. Building on the success of Guild Wars, ArenaNet is creating an MMO that lets gamers play the way they want, while at the same time retaining...
Genre: RPG
26 Feb 2007


Conan is an action adventure video game featuring a story of epic brutality, sheer evil and visceral combat within an expansive fantasy setting. Players will follow the journey of Conan the Cimmerian as he fights a vicious battle against a variety of enemies and an elusive power that threatens to consume the world. Using everything at his...
Genre: RPG   Our score: 6.3
11 Jan 2007

Enchanted Arms

In Enchanted Arms, players will embark on an epic RPG adventure and escape to a fantasy world filled with unique and bizarre creatures. Taking the role of Atsuma, enchanter-in-training, players will transform from a naïve student into the most powerful savior in a war 1,000 years in the making. In an immersive, deep storyline filled with...
Genre: RPG
05 Jan 2007

Final Fantasy XIII

FINAL FANTASY XIII marks the dawning of a new era for the celebrated series, bringing the series to multiple hi-definition consoles simultaneously for the first time in its history. Expanding upon the rich tradition of the series, producer Yoshinori Kitase (FINAL FANTASY VII, X, X-2), director Motomu Toriyama (FINAL FANTASY VII, X, X-2),...
Genre: RPG   Our score: 8.0
22 Dec 2006

The Lord of the Rings: The White Council

Players have the freedom to explore the open world of Tolkien’s Middle-earth™ in The Lord of the Rings™, The White Council™. Players can choose their role as a man, an elf, a dwarf, or a hobbit. Each role’s destiny is to become a hero allied with the White Council, whose members include the famed characters Gandalf, Saruman, Galadriel, and...
Genre: RPG
20 Dec 2006

Aliens RPG

Adapted from the movie collection, players will undertake this sci-fi cult as a role playing game. Further information is unknown at this time.
Genre: RPG
29 Sep 2006

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is another leap forward in role-playing with its combination of freeform gameplay and cutting-edge graphics. In keeping with the Elder Scrolls tradition, players will have the option to experience the main quest at their own pace, and there will be plenty of opportunities to explore the vast world and make your...
Genre: RPG
26 Sep 2006


In a world ravaged by endless conflict and natural disaster, a call for peace turns into a bloodbath of betrayal and deceit. Playing as a warrior riding a voracious dragon trained for deadly aerial and ground combat, and capable of scorching, clawing and smashing thousands of enemies, gamers must defeat countless armies to save a civilization....
Genre: RPG   Our score: 7.0
28 Aug 2006

Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire

Thrown into the futuristic Earth devastated by the invasion of the Zeon forces, players will find themselves caught in the crossfire between the Earth Federation and Zeon forces nine months into the conflict. At the brink of annihilation, the Earth Federation Forces are mobilizing to launch a massive counter assault against the occupying...
Genre: RPG
09 Jun 2006

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

Untold Legends Dark Kingdom will set the standard for next-gen action-RPG’s by delivering an immersive fantasy experience through its high-definition graphics, dramatic storyline, and action-packed battles filled with heart-pounding combat, magical spells and brilliant visual effects.

In addition, Dark Kingdom will deliver in-depth...
Genre: RPG   Our score: 6.0
10 May 2006

Golden Axe: Beast Rider

Golden Axe delivers action-RPG thrills as a small band of Riders embark on an epic adventure to recruit allies, expose the enemy and prevent the annihilation of their breed. Delivering an intense and unique combat experience, players charge into battle on the backs of ferocious beasts or take their chances with the enemy while on foot. Fighting...
Genre: RPG
28 Jun 2005

Condemned: Criminal Origins

Condemned is a survival horror game from Sega.
Genre: RPG
28 Jun 2005


Eyedentify is a new PS3 adventure title that lets you put your own face in the game.
Genre: RPG
28 Jun 2005

Final Fantasy (working title)

Final Fantasy is the first installment in the best-selling series of role-playing games from Square Enix to appear on the PlayStation 3.
Genre: RPG
28 Jun 2005

Final Fantasy VII Tech Demo

This is a tech demo showing Final Fantasy VII running on the PlayStation 3.
Genre: RPG
14 Jun 2005

Deus Ex: The Conspiracy

The year is 2052 and the world is a dangerous and chaotic place. Terrorists operate openly, killing thousands, while drugs, disease, and pollution kill even more. The world's economics are close to collapse, and the gap between the insanely wealthy and the desperately poor has grown to the size of the Grand Canyon. Worst of all, believers of an...
Genre: RPG
14 Jun 2005

Haunting Ground

Capcoms horror thriller HAUNTING GROUND for the PS starts with Fiona Belli waking up in a cage in a spooky old manor with no memory of how she got there. She soon escapes, only to remember that she was in a car crash and her parents are dead. Unfortunately, the manor residents want to kill her, and she has no idea why. Armed only with her wits...
Genre: RPG
14 Jun 2005

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD

[no official description available]
Genre: RPG
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