Section 8 News (PS3)

TimeGate Studios forced to pay $7M after appeal fails

Posted: 18.04.2013 by JonahFalcon

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Section 8 developer TimeGate Studios won its appeal last year in arbitration over a ruling it pay Southpeak $7.35M in damages as well as the Section 8 IP.

Timegate wins court battle with SouthPeak over Section 8

Posted: 29.03.2012 by Technet2k

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Developer Timegame Studios has been victorious in a lawsuit that pitted then against publisher SouthPeak Interactive. It was over the Section 8 IP and claimed 'unpaid revenue'.

The initial deal was between Timegate and Gamecock but the latter became insolvent and was bought by SouthPeak. An arbiter ruled against Timegate, but then a Judge squashed it.

TimeGate ad talks level, UI design for Aliens: Colonial Marines

Posted: 11.10.2011 by Technet2k

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Gearbox Software's shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines for SEGA appears to have outsourced some of its project to Section 8 developer TimeGate Studios.

This has been hinted at before but Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford wouldn't reveal specifics. A job ad for TimeGate mentioned level design and the user interface.

Section 8: Prejudice revealed for 2011 (UPDATE)

Posted: 10.09.2010 by Technet2k

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SouthPeak have announced Section 8: Prejudice but didn't mention on what platforms it world arrive although Xbox 360, PS3 and PC are likely.

A debut trailer for Prejudice has gone up lecturing us on evolution and war and how it never changes, hmm - that sound bite sounds familiar.