Skate 3 Preview (PS3)

Welcome to the city of Port Carverton, the fictional city that plays host to skaters in Skate 3. This new city replaces New San Vanelona and it isnít the only thing that is new to the franchise. When Skate 3 releases in May 2010, it will showcase many new multiplayer features, a skate park creator, and much more to lure fans back to the challenging skating franchise on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

EA Black Box invited StrategyInformer out to the headquarters of Electronic Arts in Redwood City, California for an exclusive hands-on with Skate 3. Over the course of the day, EA was so kind to allow for four to five hours of play time with the new multiplayer features that promise to have gamers building the appropriate team to beat opponents online.

The team-based multiplayer game modes that are being introduced include 1-Up (Black Boxís version of HORSE), Death Race, Domination and Own the Lot. Each one of them feels different than the other so the diversity was at least there to keep things highly interesting.

1-Up has players trying to top each otherís scores in intervals. One team will sit out and watch the chaos ensue as their competitors try to rack up a high score. Once the score is set, the other team is tasked to try and top it or earn a letter for failure. If a player bails (falls off their skateboard) the action is stopped and the score that was earned prior to falling off the board is set for the opposition to try and surpass.

Death Race isnít necessarily about dying per se; instead, players must race to the end of a level and cross the finish line first. Due to the matches being 3 vs. 3, each finishing position is ranked by points so itís essential for the entire team to perform well. If one player from Team A finishes first while the rest of the team round out at the bottom, Team A will certainly lose that match.

Domination on the other hand has players trying to claim particular spots by performing high-scoring tricks in the vicinity of the area. There are only so many sections to claim, so players need to ride around and continually try and top the other team. Domination is one of the more difficult multiplayer modes since it requires players to perform their best tricks to earn spots on the map. For example, a score above 1,200 points on any spot is probably best left until later on in the match to spend more time at the lower capped spots that have been claimed.

Lastly, Own the Lot has players trying to complete three random challenges in a specific area. Both teams compete at the same exact time, so itís a mad rush to achieve success as a team. Whether itís having the entire team grinding on the same spot at the same time or racking up a certain amount of points over a jump, Own the Lot is a frenzied multiplayer mode.

If gamers have never played a Skate title in the past and are wondering what all the hoopla is about, well, they best be prepared for a skating title that is catered to the hardcore. The tricks arenít capable of being executed by pressing one button; rather, they require the flick of a stick in a particular motion and they can alter the tricks with the triggers. Skate 3 is no different, but EA Black Box is incorporating an introductory of sorts to the title to entice newcomers. Learning how to pull of incredibly hard tricks is completely rewarding. Once players get past the basics and start executing darkslides and underflips, theyíll have a new found appreciation for the Skate franchise.

Will Skate 3 have enough new content to offer to players who have recently bought Skate 2? That shouldnít even be a question since the skate park editor should be worth it alone for fans to pick up and buy Skate 3. In addition, thereís even the ability to drop in items (garbage cans, benches, etc.) into the environment, so gamers can keep things unique to their tastes. From the limited time we were able to play through Skate 3, itís evident that EA Black Box is readying another excellent skateboarding title for the consoles in 2010.

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By angelone (SI Veteran Member) on Nov 17, 2009
I'm interested in what else they might have changed. I hope they added onto the replay editor, it was a great feature but needed some work. Still, I can't wait for the release of this game.