Stuntman: Ignition Preview (PS3)

Stuntman: Ignition is what people wouldnít typically expect from a racing game. The timed events that are scored at how well certain maneuvers are performed and how well the driving is done is not the standard thing to do. So why bother? Because pulling off stunts is wicked cool.

Stuntman is all about the movies and making them good. That means making the right moves, driving well, and staying away from the lava. With six movie sets, each with a slew of different scenes to perform, there is plenty to do.

So while it may look good and promises to have at least ten hours of gameplay, it wasnít very impressive. Having played only a small portion of it, there really wasnít any reason to keep playing. The game is really meant for achievement hogs. What better way to scoop up a couple hundred achievement points than to get a game that has no plot, purpose, and may just be fun for a little while.

What is worthwhile to note? It was pretty fun for the first two hours, and is definitely fun for short bursts. You wonít want to play the game for more than an hour straight, but for a good half an hour, itís fine. Obviously, practice is required because it isnít an easy game, so picking up a good half hour a few days a week would really prolong the gameís lifespan.

Personal recommendations are the exact opposite. This is a rent-only game, except for those people with unlimited funds, or who really just like this type of game. Play it and forget it, then get back to something really fun.