Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Review (PS3)

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo is, as of now, the most renowned Street Fighter ever produced. Times are changing, it seems, as Capcom released Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix for Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. We have a new king in least until we can see the upcoming Street Fighter IV.

However, the question arises: why bother to buy this new version when you've already purchased Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting on either console? The graphics, design, updates...what could possibly warrant another $15 purchase of a game, albeit one of the most famous and popular games ever released, that you may already have?

Several reasons. First, everything's been reworked. SSF2HDR was essentially made from scratch by a crack team of artists, programmers, and championed gamers well versed in the ways of Street Fighter. Everything looks and feels new, not because it's been polished, but because it is new.

With everything hand-drawn in full high-def glory, every hit is worth watching over and over again. No matter what format you play the game in, it's the best damn Street Fighter we've far.

That's not to say it isn't the same game, because it is. SSF2HDR is the quintessential Street Fighter 2, with all the characters we care to see, all the moves we remember, and all the crap taken out. No more glitches or cheap tricks, no more useless special attacks, and no more 8-bit wonky design. This is the real deal, and we're loving every second of it.

However, Hyper Fighting is also a well made game, even if it still contains many of the issues that the original had. There is one thing SSF2HDR has over it and every other console Street Fighter game or port: online play works tremendously well. Before, jumping on a game might have left players in lag-filled rooms with what seems like rampant cheating, but in fact is just poor online play. No more, as Remix plays online excellently, perhaps even better than full fledged 360 and PS3 titles.

With the exception of infrequent frame-rate drops, Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix is the best Street Fighter we've ever played thus far. And we'll keep playing it because yes, it is that good, and yes, it is absolutely worth it.

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By nobuargaoda (SI Core Veteran) on Jan 04, 2009
Wow... street fighter! A classic game for advanced gaming technology. This review makes me want to try this game!
By Praetorian (SI Core) on Jan 07, 2009
I love street fighter
By grimreaper (SI Member) on Mar 05, 2009
Street Fighter 2, is the god of all fighting games
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Mar 06, 2009
Maybe. It sure stands next to Mortal Kombat, giving birth to games like Tekken...
By grimreaper (SI Member) on Mar 07, 2009
I have this game and ST IV, and this game is so much difficult than the ST IV it really is hardcore, specially if you don't and arcade joystick, i play Street Fighter 4 in hardest mode and beat the crap out of CPU, in this game i play in hard and is the CPU who kicks my ass, its really hard.
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Mar 08, 2009
Because it's more hardcore, you said it. Maybe they just upgraded the AI of the NPCs. :)
By crawlroman (SI Core) on Mar 10, 2009
From all I heard Street Fighter is controlled poorly on Xbox 360,is that true because I'm interested in buying a Xbox ^.^
By homebrewer (SI Newbie) on Mar 11, 2009
so much goodness! i even prefer this over sf4 . i think sf stands out is on its graphics. i don't really like the new ones but i loved the ex plus series
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Mar 11, 2009
The graphics are way better than the old ones. That's why it's called HD. LOL! :D But there is no reason not to like it, but I you have the original part 2 game, why buy this one if you hate the graphics. :)