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23 Apr 2014

Cloud Chamber

Cloud Chamber is a new kind of multiplayer game combining collaborative investigation, Hollywood actors and genuine astrophysics. It will lead you on a journey through murder, betrayal and the universe.
Genre: Adventure   Our score: 6.0
04 Mar 2014


You awaken aboard a caffeine mining space station to find yourself, a young boy seemingly all alone. The only thing you know for sure? Something bad has transpired here...

Confused and alone, you start to explore this seemingly derelict space station finding cryptic notes and messages everywhere you look, could these be clues to what...
Genre: Adventure
27 Feb 2014


Rustclad is a story exploration game where you journey across an alien world to solve a mystery that threatens your colony. It features real-world-sourced art (hand-built and found).

You are the surveyor in a frontier colony at the edge of a strange wilderness, and it’s your first day on the job. You travel the seas to exotic islands...
Genre: Adventure
08 Dec 2013

Tales from the Borderlands

Telltale Games and Gearbox Software are collaborating to bring Tales from the Borderlands, an episodic adventure game series based in the Borderlands universe.
Genre: Adventure
26 Nov 2013


Gomo is on a mission to rescue his beloved dog Dingo after he is captured by aliens.

Set against distinctive hand-drawn comic-styled environments, Gomo combines classic point and click mechanics with a charming storyline in this explorative adventure.
Genre: Adventure   Our score: 6.0
25 Nov 2013

Her Majesty’s SPIFFING

Her Majesty's SPIFFING is a quaint point and click adventure game following the exploits of Captain Frank Lee English and his trusted regional accented colleague, Alad, as they travel through the cosmos in search of new planets to claim for the British Empire.
Genre: Adventure
06 Nov 2013


Stasis is a 2D isometric, point-and-click adventure game for PC Windows, set in the distant future on a desolate spacecraft. John Maracheck must interact and solve puzzles to save his family, while uncovering horrific experimentation, illicit research and an ever deepening mystery.
Genre: Adventure
25 Oct 2013

Master Reboot

Master Reboot is a first person psychological puzzle adventure game set inside the Soul Cloud. In the not too distant future they have created the Soul Cloud, a giant server that holds the data of your soul and memories when you die. The Soul Cloud is filled with floating islands, each island looks like a town; village or city filled with rooms,...
Genre: Adventure   Our score: 5.5
19 Oct 2013

Unlucky 7

(un)Lucky7 is a game about six prisoners sentenced for life and one android, who are sent into unknown regions of space in a ship powered by an experimental engine. They are promised freedom in exchange for exploring the unknown and testing this new method of transportation – indeed a chance of a lifetime, hence the name "Lucky 7".
Genre: Adventure
01 Oct 2013

Bot Colony

Bot Colony is an episodic sci-fi adventure game in which one plays as a robot cognition specialist investigating the disappearance of prototype robot sensors, and tracking down a spy across an exotic South Pacific island.
Genre: Adventure
30 Sep 2013


CLARK is an isometric, grid-based puzzle game with fast paced arcade elements. It features comic style visuals in various different graphical themes, from the inside of a chaotic factory to the surface of Mars to the interior of an intruding enemy spaceship where you think, run and fight through heaps and heaps of carefully designed puzzle and...
Genre: Adventure
06 Sep 2013

I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream

Genre: Adventure
17 Jul 2013

Gods Will Be Watching

Gods Will Be Watching is a game about hard decissions and moral dilemmas in order to survive. A series of dramatic puzzles where not only the mathematic outcome counts but also the ethical approach to the problem. There's also no good or evil, just decisions, with only you as the judge of your actions. Is eating your friends the best way to stay...
Genre: Adventure   Our score: 7.0
02 Jul 2013

The Maker's Eden

The Maker's Eden is a first-person point-and-click adventure presented in the form of a motion comic. It uses techniques found in both motion comics and traditional comics to engage you in its world, and the gameplay is character and story driven with a heavy emphasis on discovery.
Genre: Adventure
29 May 2013


Armikrog follows the adventures of a space explorer named Tommynaut and his blind alien, talking dog named Beak-Beak. They crash land on a weird planet and end up locked in a mysterious fortress called Armikrog. Then... the adventure begins!
Genre: Adventure
27 May 2013

Abducted: Episode 1

Abducted is a game in which you play an ordinary person thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Abducted by aliens and taken thousands of light years from home, you have one ultimate goal: Escape. But you have so many unanswered questions... How did you get here? What is this place? Who took you and why? Abducted is an action, adventure,...
Genre: Adventure
21 May 2013

Deus Ex Machina 2

Deus Ex Machina 2 is the reimagination of the classic 1984 Game Of The Year, Deus Ex Machina, the first true multimedia video game ever made. Written by Mel Croucher, creator of the original game, it's a cradle-to-grave roller coaster of your entire life. First time round, Deus Ex Machina was an interactive movie and a rock music album. This...
Genre: Adventure
18 Apr 2013

The Rail

On a tidally-locked world, the only way for resources to be moved under the deadly sun is by high-speed train. The management refuse to automate it entirely - after all, then there'd be nobody to blame when things go wrong - and it's been your uneventful duty for the past several years to see the train back and forth along the rail.

Genre: Adventure
16 Dec 2012

Out There

Exiled at the ends of an unknown galaxy, an astronaut must survive to find his way back to Earth.
Genre: Adventure
01 Nov 2012

Dreamfall Chapters

Genre: Adventure
23 Oct 2012


As the mysterious Agent Polyblank, you’ll explore a variety of retro-futuristic locations, and perform all manner of gadget-driven capers. The tone of the game is cartoon cyberpunk; dense technology-infused locales, dripping with a fresh coat of colour and humour.
Genre: Adventure   Our score: 7.0
24 Sep 2012

Beneath a Steel Sky 2

Genre: Adventure
12 Sep 2012


Dream is a first person atmospheric exploration game that has you assume the role of Howard Phillips, a young graduate with no direction in life who develops an obsession with his dreams. Discover dreams and nightmares filled with puzzles and secrets to help Howard find the meaning to his life.
Genre: Adventure
17 Aug 2012


Machinarium is award-winning independent adventure game developed by the makers of popular web-games Samorost and Samorost2.
Genre: Adventure
17 Aug 2012


Machinarium is award-winning independent adventure game developed by the makers of popular web-games Samorost and Samorost2.
Genre: Adventure
16 Aug 2012


Routine is a first person horror exploration game set on an abandoned Moon base. Your job is to find enough data to uncover the truth behind the strange disappearance of everyone stationed on the Lunar Research Station.
Genre: Adventure
20 Jun 2012


Xing is a first-person atmospheric adventure game about a solo wanderer whose spaceship crashed on a mysterious island and who must then overcome puzzling obstacles to figure out his or her next move.
Genre: Adventure
12 Jun 2012


You assume the role of Michael Bezzle, a smart-mouthed bumbling scoundrel seeking to turn over a new leaf and settle down with his girlfriend.

However his luck takes a turn for the worse when his final caper lands him in trouble with the government and he must rely on his wits as he gets further enmeshed in the machinations of the...
Genre: Adventure   Our score: 2.5
18 May 2012

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

“Project Fedora” will continue the amazing adventures of Tex Murphy, the down-on-his-luck P.I. in post-apocalyptic San Francisco. This long-awaited game will be the sixth in the adventure series, which includes the award-winning games Under a Killing Moon, The Pandora Directive and Overseer.
Genre: Adventure
12 Apr 2012

Han Solo Adventures

Han Solo Adventures is a fan-game project in the tradition of classic point-and-click graphic adventure games.
Genre: Adventure
05 Apr 2012

Richard & Alice

Richard & Alice is a new indie adventure game, set in a world of unexpectedly extreme weather conditions.

It's also a world of disorder. No government was prepared for the months of heavy snowfall, or the ceaseless droughts that rendered other parts of the globe a desert.

Chaos reigned. Terrified authorities around the...
Genre: Adventure
28 Mar 2012

Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich in Time

Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time is a freewheeling time travel adventure to designed to test your imagination and your skill. Lead kooky inventor Doc Clock and his contemptuous robot, Sack, on their first awesome adventure through time to save Doc’s beloved cat from a prickly fate. Test your creative ability by devising ingenious...
Genre: Adventure
28 Mar 2012

Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich in Time

Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time is a freewheeling time travel adventure to designed to test your imagination and your skill. Lead kooky inventor Doc Clock and his contemptuous robot, Sack, on their first awesome adventure through time to save Doc’s beloved cat from a prickly fate. Test your creative ability by devising ingenious...
Genre: Adventure   Our score: 3.5
08 Mar 2012


The protagonist of Primordia is an android called Horatio. He is a humanoid robot whose cloak and hood—worn to ward against the violent elements in his wasteland home. His personality is defined by his independence, strong will, and steadfastness. He survived on his own for many years, and since then has had only the companionship of Crispin,...
Genre: Adventure   Our score: 8.5
21 Feb 2012


FRACT is a first person adventure game for Windows & Mac much in the vein of the Myst titles, but with an electro twist. Gameplay boils down to three core activities: Explore, Rebuild, Create. The player is let loose into an abstract world built on sound and structures inspired by electronic music. It’s left to the player to explore the...
Genre: Adventure   Our score: 5.0
25 Dec 2011


Cradle is a science-fiction first-person quest with freedom of movement. The story is built around the relations of the protagonist and a mechanical girl, who by enigmatic circumstances find themselves together in a yurt among the desert Mongolian hills. The player is to restore the lost functions of his companion's mechanical body parts and...
Genre: Adventure
05 Oct 2011

J.U.L.I.A. Among the Stars

In the year 2430, Rachel Manners, a 35 year old astrobiologist and member of an elite group of scientists, which is sent off in a giant space ship to mankind’s most exciting space mission: to explore the first ever discovered extra-terrestrial life-forms.

After a long journey, Rachel suddenly awakes from a cryogenic sleep. She has no...
Genre: Adventure   Our score: 6.0
04 Jul 2011


In Deponia, the world has degenerated into a vast garbage dump, in which the crotchety Rufus ekes out his sorry existence. He is part of the lowest social class, doomed to live his life in literal mountains of trash. He hopes for an opportunity to get into the world of the rich, who live in floating cities high above the clouds. Fate seems to...
Genre: Adventure   Our score: 5.0
25 Apr 2011

Dead Cyborg

"Dead Cyborg" is a freeware, donation based sci-fi adventure game for Windows, Linux and Mac. The story is about the meaning of life... and death... in a rusty post-apocalyptic metal and concrete world.
Genre: Adventure
24 Feb 2011

Gemini Rue

Azriel Odin, ex-assassin, arrives on the rain-drenched planet of Barracus to find someone. When things go horribly wrong, he can only seek help from the very criminals he used to work for.

Meanwhile, across the galaxy, a man called Delta-Six wakes up in a hospital with no memory. Without knowing where to turn or who to trust, he...
Genre: Adventure   Our score: 7.5
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