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14 Jan 2008

Off Road

Off Road takes the multi-million selling Ford franchise away from the tracks and urban streets of its predecessors, to rugged, tough terrain for the very first time. Off Road also marks the introduction of the prestigious Land Rover brand, synonymous like Ford, with a rich heritage of producing pioneering off road vehicles.

Genre: Driving
18 Dec 2007

Monster Trux: Offroad

It’s time to let the monsters loose! Monster Trux Extreme – Off Road Edition puts you in the driving seat of awesome, huge wheeled, monstrous machines and lets you loose in the countryside.


• Choose from 8 seriously hardcore Monster Trucks and burn your way around quarries, canyons and mines and in a variety of...
Genre: Driving
31 Oct 2006

Excite Truck

In EXCITE TRUCK, the main goal is to jump and bump to the highest score and best finish. The more points players gain, the higher their status grows - which in turn unlocks new courses. When players first start the game, they’ll need to pass a series of tutorial challenges that teach the basics of driving and racing a truck. After they’ve...
Genre: Driving
17 Oct 2006

Monster 4X4: World Circuit

Get ready to pilot the world's most powerful trucks and go head-to-head in pulse-pounding off-road competitions all over the world. Whether you're grinding through the desert of Egypt, crunching up snowy mountains in Russia, or smashing up trees in California to make the ride a little bumpier for the guy behind you, keep your eyes on the prize:...
Genre: Driving