Geometry Wars: Galaxies Review (Wii)

Tetris. A classic. Even if you hated it, you loved it really. It is rare for a game to capture the thumbs and fingers of the gaming nation; that is until Geometry Wars arrived. For those unaware of the history behind the game, it first arrived on the Xbox in the form of a mini-game hidden in the superb Project Gotham Racing 2.

However as it wasn’t that accessible, it wasn’t until the Xbox Live arcade release on the 360 that retro-fans went mad and people became hooked to this old school shooter.  Galaxies now brings the fun-filled fast paced-shooter to Nintendo fans on the Wii and DS.

And let me tell you it works extremely well on the Wii. I’ve always found Geometry Wars quite difficult myself and the game does require a little bit of skill on the players part, but the game is very accessible to gamers of all ages. This is how they used to make games!

A colourful spectacle awaits
Attack of the yellow eye

Galaxies takes the well known format and converts it into a manageable bite-sized chunk for Wii owners; you use the Nunchuck stick to move the craft around avoiding the geometrically-shaped enemies and use the Wii pointer on-screen to aim the firing ammunition from your craft by pressing the A button. If you fancy destroying things further or have come into a small bit of difficulty you can let a bomb off with the Z button. Simple, yeah?

The flexibility of the Wii’s controls however allows you to use a Classic control to give you that additional retro feel to the game and those of you who are lazy or don’t have the arm muscle in you to constantly fire away will find this the more suitable option. Infact such arm cramps are not uncommon when using the pointer, however it is a good excuse for not going down the gym!

Having played the 360 version a fair bit however it was uncomfortable at first getting to grips with the Wii control system and so for the veterans out there you might find picking up the classic control not a bad idea after all. However the control system works better than the DS version which gave our poor Joe sore wrists and fingers.

Where Galaxies throws open a new can of worms is in the variety of landscapes on offer.  The original Retro Evolved was all about survival and endurance on one level.  With this new version you get to play on a variety of Galaxies which all have there own type of planets (there are around 60 altogether) and these also have different enemies on offer, which gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘completion’. You can also pick up the Geom currency in-game which are yellow dots left behind from enemies and use this to unlock new planets and purchase new drone crafts.

The game box states that the Nintendo Wi-Fi service is on offer and although the game now includes a cracking multiplayer mode which will give you no end of fun with a mate especially with a few pints on hand to crank up the difficulty factor, there is sadly no online play available. The only online service available is the leader boards which you’ll no doubt never make if you are quite as bad as me but no doubt the hardcore few will make it. Versus mode does what it says on the tin while Co-op allows you to attack the game together, sharing bombs and lives in the single-player mode.

No where to run, no where to hide
An explosion and a half, how’s that leader board looking?]

If you are a hardcore fan and own both the DS and Wii versions then you can connect them together and unlock the absurdly hard Lambda galaxy or send a copy of Retro Evolved over the airways which also comes bundled with the Wii version.

And you get all this for a RRP of just £24.99 or lower if you do some digging round the internet or a back-street dealer making Geometry Wars: Galaxies superb value. This is no bargain basement title however, with enough new features and replayability factor for both veterans and new players alike, Galaxies is a well recommended Wii title for everyone. Just remember you might need a new arm later...

Top Moment:  Finally making the online leader board and being branded a geek.



By Big Red Rob (I just got here) on Feb 29, 2008
Big Red Rob
Woohoo! I played this game on my friend's XBox 360 a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it.

Since then I've been trying to remember what it was called and you have provided me with the answer! And I can get it for my Wii!!
By JamieSI (SI Core) on Feb 29, 2008
Remember to enter our competition for your chance to win a copy of the Wii version! :)
By wendorf1983 (I just got here) on Mar 02, 2008
I played this game on the Xbox and now I own a Wii. The only problem is I am a poor student that can't afford to buy new games, which is too bad because I really wanted to play this one
By Rob Rymond (SI Newbie) on Mar 03, 2008
Rob Rymond
If you want to win a copy and grovel, post in the competition thread :-)
By JamieSI (SI Core) on Mar 05, 2008
What Rob said ;)