Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition Review (Wii)

As a Gamecube title, Resident Evil 4 was one of the console’s most acclaimed titles. Its move to the PS2 and PC showed the same promise. Two years after its original release, the fourth installment of Capcom’s franchise made its debut on the Wii using the different control scheme as its backbone.

Ammunition is hard to find, so don’t be shy about using a knife
Moments like this will make anyone scream for strafe

For anyone who has not played RE4, the story follows 6 years after the prior two games where Leon Kennedy, now a US secret agent, on a mission to save the president’s daughter. Captured by a cult of religious fanatics who use the zombie-power of umbrella, found in a parasite known only as Las Plagas, Leon must save Ashley Graham. In the process, he’ll also rid of Las Plagas and the cult altogether.

The game itself is wonderful. A great mixture of horror, adventure and action, RE4 really brought back the Resident Evil franchise after some very poorly rated games. However, the question for the Wii version is simple: is it worth playing again?

Large bosses like this are not as hard as they look, so long as you find their weakness
Much of the game involves protecting Ashley. Do it at all costs…except for your own life, of course

If you haven’t played it already, the Wii Edition is the best of the bunch. Using the Wiimote to navigate and shoot is simple and much more enjoyable than the older analog sticks. And because the game is exactly the same as the PS2/PC version (slightly upgraded over the Gamecube version with extra bonus missions), it is the whole package with nothing missing.

There are no real upgrades except for slightly enhanced graphics due to the Wii’s enormous power boost over the Gamecube and PS2. Sound is just as visceral and haunting as before. Sadly, the lack of strafe is just as pathetic as before as well. While some have claimed that running away from zombified baddies, spending dire moments to turn and fire a few shots, then repeat is a fun thing, strafe has been around since at the latest Doom.

The inventory stash requires much care. Don’t pay attention and you’ll find yourself discarding items
In the bonus Ada missions are like normal gameplay, but with worse weapons and less inventory space

However, those who have played RE4 may not really need to play it again. There isn’t much replay value in the game, so unless it’s actually been 2 years since playing the game, there really isn’t much point. The $30 price-tag is enticing, but the port to even a really well made game isn’t for everyone.

Top Game Moment:
Beating a hard boss mistakenly using a single rocket shot. Made the last one boss a piece of cake.

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