Cheats & Hints

Doom 3 Cheats & Codes

These codes can be entered any time while playing the game.;All codes can be toggled on/off, except the All-Weapons codes, and the Computer Map code, which cannot be toggled off

Code: Description:
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (X) 4 Times Temp Invincibility
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (Y) 4 Times Show All Map
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (B) 4 Times Gives All Weapons and Ammo, 200% armor
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (A) 4 Times GOD Mode (Player Invincible)
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (X) 2 Times then Press (Y) 2 Times Invisibility
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (Y) 3 Times and (X) 1 Time Light Amplification Goggles
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (X) 3 Times then Press (Y) 1 Time Berserk Mode
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (X) 1 Time then Press (Y) 3 Times Radiation Suit
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (A) 2 Times then Press (B) 2 Times End Level
Hold SPRINT (LT) and Press (B) 2 Times then Press (A) 2 Times Give Chainsaw
hold L trigger and press a,b,a,b All keys, all weapons, full ammo, 200% armor
734 Opens Plasma Storage Door
298 Opens cabinet 21D
246 opens cabinet 054
142 opens cabinet 054
972 Opens Plasma Gun storage door
651 opens cabinet 064
364 opens cabinet 078
259 opens cabinet 103
579 opens cabinet 104
538 opens cabinet 112
715 opens cabinet 114
624 opens cabinet 216
371 opens cabinet 213
841 opens cabinet 317
836 opens cabinet 387
571 opens cabinet 452
372 opens cabinet 666
468 opens cabinet 669
584 Opens Weapons Storage 1 & 2
123 opens cabinet 047
102 opens cabinet 039
409 opens cabinet 038
531 opens cabinet 023
347 opens cabinet 017
586 opens cabinet 013
752 opens cabinet 009
483 opens cabinet 003
396 opens cabinet 001
931 opens chief abrams office
826 opens monorail airlock-site 2
627 opens lab A (unlabled door)
516 opens locker 029

Doom 3 Hints, Tips

Super Turkey Puncher 3
Go to the first level in Co-Op mode and proceed through the level until 'Command Access Junction'. There you can find two Super Turkey Puncher arcade machines made by 'Nabcon'. On the screen is the face of the original Doom Guy and also makes the same faces when you punch the turkeys. First player to 3000 points wins.
Special PDA from the ID developers
Right at the end of the game, just before you fight the final boss, as you are walking through the underground hall with all the fire and brimstone there will be a small space in one of the corners you encounter that you can duck under and there will be a brick with the ID symbol printed on it. Press action on the brick and it will open the wall allowing you to get the PDA of the ID developers thanking you for playing the game.
Doom reference
On the last level before you go through the portal to fight the boss. Their is a stone tablet somewhere in the last room. If you look at it you can see the picture of the original Doom cover.