Cheats & Hints

The Incredibles Cheats & Codes

Secrets Passwords
Pause your game, selected Secrets, and type in one of the following (must be retyped each life):

Code: Description:
gazerbeam Shots come out of your eyes until you press punch
kronos one hit destruction of object and blurr gfx
Showtime refill your incredimoves meter
deevolve Always have a small head.
einsteinium Always have a big head.
springbreak level select
UUDDLRLRBAS Refill 25% health
flexible infinite Elastigirl powers
smartbomb destroy all nearby enemies and items
danieltheflash superspeed Incredi-power while running
mctravis fast running ans ramming incredi-power
dashlikes temporary infinite incredi-power while playing as dash
dandruff henchmen always launch death shrapnel
pinkslip health remains constant
tonyloaf health appears more often
athletesfoot fire trail
boaplace easier game
sassmode fastergame
invertturret reverse movement with nomansian island turret
ILIEMIAOW Open all levels
INVERTCAMERAX Reverses controls for the horizontal camera
LABOMBE Weakens bombs 20%
INVERTCAMERAY Reverses controls for the vertical camera