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Max Payne Cheats & Codes

All Weapons, Full Ammo, and Painkillers
At the main menu after beating the game on any difficulty.

Code: Description:
While holding both Triggers and Joysticks down Press White, Black, Black, White, White, Black Cheats option will appear with all Weapons, Full Ammo, and Painkillers.

Max Payne Hints, Tips

Dopefish lives!
The room with the ''Dopefish lives'' poster is in part 1 chapter 7. To get to the room, do the following: Go through chapter 7 until you get to the scene where Gognitti runs down the stairs and gets stuck in from of the locked door. Once the cut scene ends, kill enough of the baddies that you can go down the stairs safely (or just do it balls out gung-ho style guns blazing all the way...) Once you get to the bottom, turn around and head beneith the stairs to the door. Open the door, and presto! Dopefish!