Medal of Honor: European Assault Review (Xbox)

 Medal of Honor, the game that made war shooters what they are today. No matter what other games bring to the table, they can't stop the wrath of Medal of Honor, but for good reason. Nothing captures the experience of a real war then this series. And the same can be said about European Assault. Coming back from the not so great Rising Sun, European Assault brings back something that is short lived, but great while it last.  

You'll have various objectives

 Graphically the game is surely above decent. Everything looks good and runs at a good framerate. The models in the game work well and are a lot better then other games of this type. Mouths move when speaking and the characters have great animation. If you have played Medal Of Honor games before then you already know what to expect here, solid graphics at a smooth framerate, which are keys to a game like this. Other games, such as Brothers In Arms, can really get on your nerves from bad framerate. It's pretty hard to snipe a guy while your runing 10-15 FPS. However, in this game its all smooth and solid, and this is nothing new, it's what makes Medal Of Honor the best war game out there.

One thing you will notice is the amount of detail that is put into the sound. Every step you hear, every gun shot, you hear it all. You can even hear all your gear moving around as you walk, now thats some detail. All the explosions sound great and the guns give a very satisfiying feel. Theres really not much to say about the sound, I can't find a bad point in it. One thing to mention, the sounds from the characters are very clear and smooth. They did pay more attention to the sound in this game, you will feel your auctually there.

Indoor assault

There are some very different things going on with the gameplay in European Assault. If you want an extreme simulation of the war, you need to start looking for another game. This is a arcade war game to the max. Now, personally I always felt the MOH series was very arcade like, but not nearly as much as this game. After you kill so many Germans, your adrenaline meter will work its way up to being full. After its full, for a short while several things will happen. Time slows down, your focus sharpens, you will be invincable, and if thats not enough, you have unlimited amo. Now when I first saw this I was thinking "What the...". As dumb as it sounds, it ties in very well in the game. Because some of the missions are pretty tough and the game is relying on you to use it. So its not really an option to use it or not because you will eventually. I didn't use it untill close to the end. So besides being invicinable and things of that nature, the game intself is great. Even though EA did try something new, your not going to find anything really new this time around except for the fact you can use the adrenaline. You still run and shoot, dodge a few times the run and shoot again, flip this switch etc. One thing that I found very annoying is getting to the very end of the mission and being shot at by 20 Germans, you will die pretty quick like this. Wait, but you can start back just a little ways right? Nope, you die, you go back to the very begining. That by far is the most annoying thing in the game. Would it have been so bad to put a check point somewhere, or maybe I am missing it? Who knows, but so far thats the only real annoying thing about it. One neat addition is they tried to add at least a scent of squad action. If your guys are standing right in the middle of machine gun fire you

Charging fortified positions is often the only choice

 can auctually order them to move to another spot. You will quickly find out that this game is trail and error. You are going to have to restart some missions many times, just to figure out exactly what to do or just finding ways to stay alive. A major change to European Assault is wider, more open areas to explore. Yes, you can go where you need to freely. Now this is something that makes the game a lot of fun, your not restricted as much as you were in the MOH games in the past. If you keep trying to go one way and get killed everytime, you will be able to find another way around it most likely. I should also metion that this game has no online play, but it does have multiplayer split screen, which is a good bounus but I would have liked to seen some online action. The game is not that long either, so the fun only last around 8 -10 hours running through 11 missions. All together, this is the same great MOH that you have been playing, just some added arcade feeling and more open places to explore.

Blowing up a fuel tank

 The A.I. in the game are pretty smart most of the time. However, there are those little things that make you feel that they are just dumb computers. For one, it shouldn't be that hard to kill these guys that are trying to hide or kill you with a machine gun, because they duck down, and come back up in the exact same places a few seconds later. All you have to do is get your target on them and bam, head shot for you. In other times though, they can be a really good shot and take you down pretty quickly. Your teammates are smart and they will help you most of the time. You are given the chance to move them if they do start doing stupid things, and trust me they will. Overall the A.I. in the game is just okay, nothing really more then that.

To sum it all up, it's a new MOH game that brings a few new fresh things to the series but the game doesn't hold up well. It's too short and with no online multiplayer, the replay value is not hitting at much. Still, anybody ready for a new and fresh installment to the series will surely enjoy this game while it does last. Fans of the series and newcomers as well will enjoy this game, just beware of broken controllers. Buy or rent? It's a rent, go rent it and have a good weekend beating it.

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