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The Punisher Hints, Tips

DareDevil Cameo
After the battle with Bullseye Frank's blind lawyer Matt Murdock (Daredevil's alter ego) comes in and Frank fires him.
Hidden Spiderman reference
During the cutscene immediately following "the Crackhouse" level if you look closely at the license plate of the car that tries to hit Frank you'll notice that it says: "ASM129"The Punisher first made his appearance in "Amazing Spider Man issue #129"
Iron Man Cameo
When the chopper first starts shooting at you Iron Man flies in to give you a quick heads up. He then flies around the corner of the building.
Hidden Half-Life reference
On the Stark Tower level, when the alarm goes off, one of the scientists asks Dr. FREEMAN what the noise was. Dr. Freeman says "Maybe they finally opened that extra-dimensional portal." To which the other scientist replies "Wow, extra-dimensional aliens, I wonder what they look like." Clearly, this is a nod to Half-Life.