Cheats & Hints

Shattered Union Cheats & Codes

Win Civil War (Campaign Mode)
On the US Map (not the map of the battle), Press Start to get into the options menu, then go into the Cheat Menu, then enter X, B, A, B, Y. This code makes sure your faction has won the civil war part of the game and unified the continental US.

Note: Your faction still has to fight against the Russians in the Battle of Alaska (The Final Battle of the game).

Code: Description:
X, B, A, B, Y Win Civil War
X, B, B, X, B Political Reputation raised by 1 towards the Green Level
X, Y, X, B, A Skip Current Week
A, B, B, A, Y Win Battle
BXXBB Great Plains
BXXBA Great Lakes
BXXBX Dakotas
BXXBY Central Heartland
BXXAA Northern Texas
BXXAB Southern Texas
BXXAX Arizona Territory
BXXAY Oklahoma Grasslands
BXXYB New Mexico
BXXYA Great Basin
BXXYX Northern California
BXXYY Southern California
BXXXA Arcadia Plains
BXXXB Northern Cascades
BXXXX Southeastern Cascades
BXXXY Central Cascades
BXYYA Northern New England
BXYYB Eastern Shenandoah
BXYYX Ohio Valley
BXYYY New York
BXYXA Carolinas
BXYXB Florida
BXYXX Mississippi Delta
BXYXY Cumberlands
X,X,A,A,Y $100,000 into your Treasury