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Spider-Man: The Movie Cheats & Codes

Input these codes in the code area.

Code: Description:
girlnextdoor Play as Mary Jane Watson
hermanschultz Play as The Shocker
serum Play as a scientist
knuckles Play as Thug 1
stickyrice Play as Thug 2
thugsrus Play as Thug 3
captainstacey Play as Helicopter Pilot
freakout Play as matrix style Spider-Man
realhero Play as Police Officer
organicwebbing Unlimited Webbing
koala All Fighting Controls
romitas Enables Next Level Feature
imiarmas All Levels
dodgethis Matrix Moves
goestoyourhead Big Head and Feet Spider-Man
underthemask 1st Person Mode
chillout supercoolant
headexplody Bonus Training Level
JOELSPEANUTS Enemies Have Big Heads
SPIDERBYTE Mini Spider-Man
arachnid Master Code - Unlocks all levels, FMV sequences and Gallery pictures