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03 May 2007

Madden NFL 08

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Genre: Sport
06 Mar 2007

Tony Hawk's Project 8

Reengineered from the ground up for Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation consoles, Tony Hawk’s Project 8™ immerses players in the definitive skateboarding experience using ultra-realistic graphics, enhanced physics and extremely responsive controls that simulate the feeling of skating with every trick and bail. The game challenges players to...
Genre: Sport
11 Jan 2007

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

All-New Team Tour Mode — Tiger Woods has assembled a team of champions and it's up to you to take them down. Master your skills, recruit an unstoppable squad, and set your sights on a showdown against Team Tiger Woods.

The Most PGA TOUR Players — Featuring 21 of the world's top players, including Tiger Woods, Reteif Goosen, John Daly,...
Genre: Sport
10 Jan 2007

NBA 2k7

Voted best current and next-generation NBA hoops franchise by both press and gamers, NBA 2K7 will continue its legacy of dominance this year on the hard court. With incredible graphics, tight control and a revolutionary shooting game, NBA 2K7 is poised for another run as #1 rated NBA simulation.


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    15 Dec 2006

    Frankie Dettori Racing

    Frankie Dettori Racing also features multiplayer online play for all platforms allowing competitive and friendly play over the Internet. Players can really get the bit between their teeth by excelling at Career Mode, Jockey Challenge and absorbing Betting Party feature. In addition to this there’s an in-depth Career Mode including auctions,...
    Genre: Sport
    05 Dec 2006

    NCAA Football 07

    • Build Momentum: Capitalize on your window of opportunity as big plays, defensive stops, trick plays, and special teams keep you in a constant struggle for momentum. Track the overall tempo of the game via a new Momentum Meter™ that changes with every exciting play.
    • Campus Legend: Live the life of a student athlete and become enshrined...
    Genre: Sport
    04 Dec 2006

    Fight Night Round 3

    Knocking out the competition, EA SPORTS Fight Night Round 3 brings the most intense boxing videogame experience to the virtual ring.The graphics establish it as one of the best looking and playing Xbox 360 sports game on the market and outside of the ring, gamers can establish intense rivalries through pre-fight events putting purpose and...
    Genre: Sport
    12 Oct 2006

    NBA Live 07

    • EA SPORTS Total Freestyle Control: Take complete control of EA SPORTS Freestyle Superstars to perform the true-to-life moves of a High Flyer, Shooter, Scorer, or Playmaker, then elevate your game to the next level by changing skill attributes on-the-fly. Toggle through your Freestyle Superstar moves at any time...
    Genre: Sport
    10 Oct 2006

    College Hoops 2K7

    The #1 rated college basketball game four years running on both the Xbox and Playstation 2, returns as well for its sophomore season on the Xbox 360. With over 325 NCAA Division I schools and the deepest legacy mode around, College Hoops 2K7 defines the college basketball experience.

    • True college atmosphere:...
    Genre: Sport
    02 Oct 2006

    Championship Manager 2007

    Championship Manager is coming back for 2007 with a new look and new skins.
    Genre: Sport
    13 Sep 2006

    NHL 07

    NHL 07 puts you in total command with a revolutionary new Skill Stick system. Never take your hands off the analog sticks as you take complete control of all skating on the left, and - for the first time in a hockey videogame - passing will use an intuitive motion on the right analog stick to execute with precision.
    Genre: Sport
    04 Aug 2006

    FIFA 07

    FIFA 07 delivers complete authenticity with licenses for all the world’s top leagues, including MLS and Mexican 1st Division in North America, and 26 others from over 20 nations. This year, you have the power to shape your club’s destiny in the EA SPORTS™ Interactive Leagues, a new online mode that enables you to pit your club against supporters...
    Genre: Sport
    26 Jun 2006

    World Tour Golf

    World Tour Golf is destined to capture the player's imagination. Fusing the features of real-world golf, high-end graphics, accurate animation and a unique control system, Gusto Games' masterpiece intends to amaze both gamers and golfers alike.
    Genre: Sport
    24 May 2006

    NHL 2K7

    The legacy lives on! NHL® 2K7 reigns supreme as the category leader in innovation, design and critical acclaim with 4 straight years as the #1 rated* NHL video game. 2K7 marks a 2nd year of next-generation domination with a groundbreaking presentation system and all-new controls, delivering yet another year of truly immersive and authentic NHL...
    Genre: Sport
    19 May 2006

    MVP 06: NCAA Baseball

    * Load and Fire Batting System
    Change the way you approach hitting in a video game. Finally, you will have countless options - and complete control - in the batter's box.
    * Creation Zone
    Personalize your NCAA experience by creating your own university, ballpark and players from the ground...
    Genre: Sport
    30 Mar 2006

    Sensible Soccer 2006

    The all-new Sensible Soccer comes complete with lightning fast football action, mesmerising dribbling, physics defying sliding tackles and, most famously, a huge amount of unbelievable goals, that can go curling into the top corner, thanks to the outrageous levels of after-touch.

    Renowned as the greatest multiplayer kick-about ever,...
    Genre: Sport
    13 Mar 2006

    2006 FIFA World Cup Germany

    2006 FIFA World Cup, under the EA SPORTSTM brand, will feature stunning visual representations of the world's superstar players, 12 official stadiums that will be used at 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany and stadiums from each qualifying region. Gamers will be able to play as their favorite team from qualification right through to a virtual...
    Genre: Sport
    29 Jun 2005

    And 1 Streetball

    Genre: Sport
    29 Jun 2005

    Blitz: The League

    Blitz®: The league™, the game which revolutionized pro football videogames, is back and better than ever starring the new bad boy on the block, Bill Romanowski, as linebacker Bruno Batagglia. Step onto the field with more customization options than ever before, with new players, cities, and logos which will help you to create what could be the...
    Genre: Sport