Cheats & Hints

SSX 3 Cheats & Codes

1. Select options while in the main menu.
2. Inside options, select cheats.
3. Type in [the word below] (case sensitive).
4. Press done on the keyboard.
5. The cheat has been entered.

Code: Description:
bronco Unlock Luther Cheat Skin
worm Unlock Eddie Cheat Skin
zenmaster Brodi
shoppingspree Unlocks all Peak One Lodge's Accessories
graphicdelight Boards
naturalconcept Art
myeyesaredim Videos
gotitgotitneedit Trading Cards
nogluerequired Toys
postnobills Posters
betyouveneverseen Snowballs
finallymadeitin Unknown Rider
greatwhitenorth Canhuck
boneyardreject Gutless
tankengine Churchill
milkemdaisy Cudmore
windmilldunk Stretch
wheresyourtail Bunny San
notsosvelte Svelte Luther
brokenleg Jurgen
slicksuit Hiro
back2future Marty
callhimgeorge NW Legend
djsuperstar All playlist songs
biggerthank7 All peaks