Cheats & Hints

Street Hoops Cheats & Codes

Enter these passwords at the cheats screen. Press a to confirm.

Code: Description:
White,White,Y,Black,press a to confirm Black Ball
White,Y,Black,Y,press a to confirm Power Game
R,Y,Black,White Easy Blocks
R, Y, Black, White Block Party
R, X, Y, Black Pimp Outfits
R, Black, R, L, Y, X, R, L Brick City Outfits
Black, Black, Y, X Tuxedo Outfits
Y, Black, White, Black, Black, White, L, Black Elvis Outfits
Y, White, White, R Cowboy Outfits
X, L, X, Y Clown Outfits
R,X,X,X,R,Black,Y,White Easy Steals
Y, Y, X, L Kung Fu Outfits
White, Black, White, Black Santa Claus Outfit
Y, Y, Y, X, X, X, L, Black Speeds up clock
X, Y, Y, X, L, Black, White, X Disables momentum meter
L, L, R, R, Y, Y, X, X Enable shot text
Y, White, X, White Play with ABA Ball
Y, X, Y, L, Y, X, X Court select ball
R, X, X, L Play with normal basketball