Cheats & Hints

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x Cheats & Codes

Start a game, hold L trigger and enter the following codes:

Code: Description:
Start, A, White Button, Up, Right, Down, A, Y, B, A, B, Y Unlock everything
Down,UP,Left,Left,B,A,B,Y Unlock All Levels
Start, Black, A, B, Start Bloodless
White, B, Up, A, Right, Down, Start Unlock Secret Treyarch decks
Pause the game and hold L throughout the entire code. Press A, Left, Left, Start, White, Y, X Wireframe Mode
B, up, right, left, Y, start, black, up, left, left, start Big Heads
Down, Up, Left, Left, B, A, B, Y Clear Career Mode
Brian Jennings Play as Brian Jennings
Andy Nelson Play as Andy Nelson
Andrew Rausch Play as Andrew Rausch
Alan Flores Play as Alan Flores
Aaron Skillman Play as Aaron Skillman
Braineaters Play as Braineaters
Crashcart Play as Crashcart
DDT Play as DDT
Eastside Play as Eastside
Frogham Play as Frogham
Gorilla Play as Gorilla
Grass Patch Play as Grass Patch
Captain Jennings Play as Captain Jennings
Chad Findley Play as Chad Findley
Chris Glenn Play as Chris Glenn
Chris Rausch Play as Chris Rausch
Chris Ward Play as Chris Ward
Connor Jewett Play as Connor Jewett
Darren Thorne Play as Darren Thorne
Dave Cowling Play as Dave Cowling
Dave Stohl Play as Dave Stohl
Edwin Fong Play as Edwin Fong
Gary Jesdanun Play as Gary Jesdanun
Henry Ji Play as Henry Ji
James Rausch Play as James Rausch
Jason Uyeda Play as Jason Uyeda
Jeremy Anderson Play as Jeremy Anderson
Joel Jewett Play as Joel Jewett
Johnny Ow Play as Johnny Ow
Junki Saita Play as Junki Saita
Kevin Mulhall Play as Kevin Mulhall
Lisa Davies Play as Lisa Davies
Mark Scott Play as Mark Scott
Matthew Day Play as Matthew Day
Mick West Play as Mick West
Mike Ward Play as Mike Ward
Nicole Willick Play as Nicole Willick
Noel Hines Play as Noel Hines
Nolan Nelson Play as Nolan Nelson
Paul Robinson Play as Paul Robinson
Pete Day Play as Pete Day
Rachael Day Play as Rachael Day
Ralph Damato Play as Ralph Damato
Ryan McMahon Play as Ryan McMahon
Sandy Jewett Play as Sandy Jewett
Scott Pease Play as Scott Pease
Steve Ganem Play as Steve Ganem
Steven Rausch Play as Steven Rausch
Trey Smith Play as Trey Smith
William Pease Play as William Pease
Riley Hawk Play as Riley Hawk
Spencer Hawk Play as Spencer Hawk
062287 Play as 062287
80s Mark Play as 80s Mark
Mini Joel Play as Mini Joel
Pimpin Frank Play as Pimpin Frank
Rastapopolous Play as Rastapopolous
Skillzilla Play as Skillzilla
Stacey D Play as Stacey D