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Unreal Championship Cheats & Codes

Once your adrenaline reaches 100 and it starts to flash, quickly tap the following dirrections listed below while in game to make the desired affect happen

Code: Description:
quickly tap Up(4). Berserk power-up
quickly tap Right(2), Left(2). Invisibility power-up
quickly tap Down(4). Regeneration power-up
quickly tap Down(2), Up(2). Agility power-up

Unreal Championship Hints, Tips

Flying snowboarders
UNder the game type Ball Run in the map Kalendra there are snowboarders in the sky. You have to have the lightning gun but all you do is get as hogh as possible by jumping and teleporting then point your gun in the sky pull left trigger for zoom until it is at its max then lok around until you see one of the many snowboarders that populate the skies of Kalendra.