Dead Space 3 Movie (Xbox360)

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Launch Trailer

The answer to stop the Necromorph terror for good is in front of him, will Isaac have what it takes?

Movie added: 28.01.2013 | deadspace3launch360.flv | 7.70 MB | 0 downloads

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Mass Effect N7 Armor

Isaac Clarke can always use another suit! Check out Isaac and Carver's N7 Armor inspired by Commander Shepard.

Movie added: 22.01.2013 | deadspacemass360.mp4 | 3.60 MB | 0 downloads

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Dev Team Special Edition

Only 5,000 Dev-Team Editions were made, total. Each tin crate comes with a metal plate with that edition's number stamped into it.

Movie added: 12.01.2013 | deadspace3devteam360.flv | 10.21 MB | 0 downloads

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Better with Kinect Trailer

Add voice to your arsenal and amplify the immersion with Kinect! The first game to have co-op specific voice commands.

Movie added: 07.01.2013 | DeadSpace3BetterKinectc.flv | 16.15 MB | 0 downloads

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Story So Far

Miss Dead Space and Dead Space 2? This video will bring you up to speed.

Movie added: 04.01.2013 | deadspacerecap360.flv | 16.68 MB | 0 downloads

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Tools of Terror Winner: HUN-E1 Badger

Getting in close quarters with the HUN-E1 Badger will cost an arm and a leg, literally. The HUN-E1 Badger is capable of shooting flaming rivets at all unfortunate to be in front of it.

Movie added: 02.10.2012 | DeadSpace3ToolsofTerrorWinnerHUNEBadgerc.mp4 | 5.75 MB | 0 downloads

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Eudora Walkthrough

Enjoy over 15 minutes of Dead Space 3 gameplay as our Creative Director and Senior Audio Artist take you for a walkthrough of the Eudora. Spoilers ahoy!

Movie added: 25.09.2012 | deadspace3eudorawalkthrough360.flv | 83.17 MB | 0 downloads

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GamesCom 2012: Gameplay Trailer

Dead Space 3 brings Isaac Clarke to the graveyard of long-dead ships that orbits around the ice planet of Tau Volantis.

Movie added: 14.08.2012 | DeadSpace3GamescomGameplayTrailera.mp4 | 9.20 MB | 0 downloads

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