Defiance News (Xbox360)

Defiance launching on all platforms 2nd April

Posted: 30.01.2013 by JonahFalcon

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Trion Worlds has announced that their action MMO Defiance will be launching on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on the 2nd April 2013, ahead of the television show's series launch on the 15th April.

Defiance preorders, special editions announced

Posted: 21.01.2013 by JonahFalcon

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Trion Worlds has announced that preorders for their Sy-Fy-licensed action MMO Defiance are now available in North America for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3; preorders will include the usual array of bonuses. Defiance will also come in several editions, including the Standard, Collector's and Ultimate Editions as well as a Digital Deluxe edition.

Trion tease "massive co-op" gameplay with Defiance MMO trailer

Posted: 10.01.2013 by Technet2k

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The collision of TV and video game with Trion Worlds' Defiance MMO has got some bulging co-op muscles, and the studio has released a new trailer of it striking some poses. The first beta event is close.

Running January 18-20 is the first closed beta session for PC and signups are still open. Future beta sessions may include Xbox 360 and PS3. The TV show premieres April 15th.

Defiance's TV show and game "stand up on their own," don't 'need' one another

Posted: 13.12.2012 by Technet2k

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In our interview with Nathan Richardson, Executive Producer for Trion Worlds' Defiance, we're told that you won't need to bounce yourself between the online game world and the SyFy TV show.

It's a third-person shooter in a large open-world that's "very story-driven" through solo and co-op missions. You don't lose anything but there's "added experience if you do both" the game and TV.

The first Defiance dev diary discusses all the basics of the MMO shooter

Posted: 10.08.2012 by JonahFalcon

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Defiance is Trion Worlds action-shooter MMO that will tie-in with the SyFy series of the same name. What happens in the game's San Francisco will be referenced in the TV series' location of St. Louis.