Fable II: See the Future Review (Xbox360)

If ever there was a game where the journey was infinitely more important than the final destination itís Lionheadís Fable II. So bear this in mind when you play the game, and try and keep to an explorative strategy when you play See the Future. The reason being is that if you simply follow the breadcrumb trail without deviating from the beaten path then, like the full game itself, is over before you know it. However, if you make a point of not doing what youíre told, (which is what weíre sure Lionhead wants you to do) youíll find that the two hours that See the Future would normally take to complete nearly doubles, making the entry price of 560 Microsoft Points feel rather cheap indeed.

In fact, itís rather difficult talking about the DLC without actually giving any of the plot away but we found it to be both interesting and challenging in parts. Although as our hero is Łber-powerful and has the best weapons in the game, we did find ourselves making light work of many of the minions that dared cross our heroís path.

Lionhead, ever the creator, has implemented a clever way of circumventing the apparent simplicity of hacking and slashing your way through hobbling Hobbes and growling Balverines. Instead of making the main plot and subsequent challenges therein hard to complete, Lionhead has issued challenges to the hardcore by way of Achievements. There are 13 new ones to get, unleashing yet another 250 gamerpoints; some which challenge you to be creative, others demand skill whilst there are a couple thrown in for good, silly measures. It certainly adds a bit of life to an admittedly short revisit to Albion.

The graphics are still top notch.
Sit back and enjoy the view.

Another reason to get the DLC is, of course, to See the Future. This again, we will not spoil for you, but suffice to say any rumour that there might not be a third game can now be laid to rest for good as it seems like there will yet another visit to the world of Albion and another location whose name we havenít heard before! Well, it got us excited anyway. However, the ability to change the breed of your dog was a little disappointing as there are only another three types available. Hopefully thereíll be a lot more in the third game.

The music and presentation are as youíd expect although it seems as though there was more tearing this time around, which is a shame. However, the Fable engine continues to be one of the most impressive this generation, and some of the lighting and details are simply jaw dropping at times. The soundtrack remains excellent and yet again complements the feel of the world perfectly making Fable II one of the best games to basically Ďlive in,í that we can think of.

If youíre a Fable II fan we really donít think youíll be disappointed with See the Future, at 560 Points itís just the right amount of money for a two to four hour experience. Itís charming, funny and reveals quite a lot about whatís to come. Sure, youíll be finished with the main storyline in just a few hours but the excellent Achievements really will provide the passive obsessives amongst us with a suitable challenge. And now, with that said and without giving anything away, does anyone know where we can re-buy a chicken suit? We need one to complete a rather tricky challenge!

Top Gaming moment:
Seeing the future!


By Wowerine (SI Elite) on May 13, 2009
DLC, DLC... Can't get enough of those, can you? :S
By nobuargaoda (SI Core Veteran) on May 15, 2009
No I can't :D plus my internet broadband speed is not as good as yours!
By dragonscars (SI Newbie) on Jun 18, 2009
im just hoping they release this on the pc at some point, i loved fable tlc, guess ill just have to wait and see.
By fredyzg (SI Core) on Aug 20, 2009
Pc, please!!!