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F.E.A.R. Cheats & Codes

All levels unlocked
Enter F3ARDAY1 as your PROFILE NAME. NOTE: Achievements will be DISABLED if you use this profile name.

Code: Description:
F3ARDAY1 Unlocks all levels/Achievements ARE disabled.

F.E.A.R. Hints, Tips

Level select
Enter "F3ARDAY1" as a profile name to unlock all levels. Note: Achievements are disabled when using this profile name.

Infinite automatic pistol ammunition
The automatic pistols will collect ammo if you throw them down and pick them back up. Keep doing this to get 600 ammo.

Saving Medkits
Try to make a mark of some sort to lead you back to some Medkits that you could not carry before. If you so happen to run low or out of Medkits because of a big fight you can find them again. This is useful in Interval 11 with the armies of ghosts coming after you. Just make sure that you are able to backtrack to get the Medkits you left behind. Additionally, use your Medkits at the correct time. Do not use Medkits immediately when you have about 70 to 80 health remaining. Try using a Medkit when your health drops below 30. One Medkit can heal up to about 30 to 45 points. If your health happens to drop below 40 and you are in a 1v1 or 2v1 fight, do not bother using a Medkit unless you really need to. Just run to cover while using your slow-motion abilities. Your health will regenerate slowly back to 40 if it drops below that; however, your health does not regenerate during a battle.

Defeating Assassin Super Soldiers
Because the assassins are difficult to see due to their camouflage and high speed running, try using slow-motion (LB). You will notice them immediately once they are slowed and can then start firing at them. If you do not have slow-motion (for example, in the bonus mission when playing as the demolition man), you must have a quick finger and a good eye to notice them running around. There are two ways to do this. The first is to toss a grenade to reveal the assassin for a certain amount of time. Hopefully the splash radius will either hit him or kill him. Note: The grenade has a two to four second delay before exploding, and correct timing is required. The second way is to wait until the assassin is directly in front of you. When he reveals himself, start firing at him.