Fruit Ninja Kinect Review (Xbox360)

If Fruit Ninja has proven anything during its iPhone tenure, it's that people love to waste time slicing their way through an assortment of juicy produce. For 69p, you can't really go wrong on the touch screen device, a fact reinforced by the game's constant presence at the top of the App Store's charts. Indeed, the title's arrival onto Kinect should be seen as a measure of its popularity, as Microsoft deem it worthy of standing alongside the likes of Bastion, From Dust and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet in their Summer of Arcade promotion. While this is practically a like-for-like port of the small screen experience, Fruit Ninja Kinect ushers in a handful of subtle differences that make the move a smooth one.

For players of the original release, everything here will be instantly recognisable. Both the menu and the music are identical to HalfBrick's smaller release. Players still select their options by slicing through the relevant fruit and can throw themselves into the thick of the action within seconds. While there are still various modes on offer, the game's simple formula means they're all extremely similar, it's just a case of how intense you want your experience to be. Whether you feel like easing yourself in with the classic mode (where slicing a bomb or dropping three fruit will give you a game over), or want to get into the amazingly addictive arcade mode, Fruit Ninja has the preference of all players covered. If you're feeling indecisive, the challenge section will offer something in the middle.

Slicing through more than one fruit with one clean swipe will rack up the big points

Quite predictably, the Kinect sensor doesn't change the game too much. With a larger area to cover, players can now use both hands to chop through fruits, compared to the single swipes needed on the iPhone. While this makes it easier to dice every fruit that appears on screen, bombs also become more of a threat. This is something the developers have obviously taken into account, as a full swipe is needed to blow them up, and more often than not, you can get away from making minimal contact with these explosive pests. It's more likely that you'll accidentally chop through a bomb when it's hidden behind a plethora of healthy goodies, as it's easy to keep your movement going longer than it needs to be.

Just like the application, Fruit Ninja Kinect looks to pit players against each other. Whether this is via the head to head versus mode, or through a team game, the difference is minimal. With two players standing side by side, it's vital that each person keeps their hands firmly on their side of the screen and aims for the fruit that glows their colour.. If someone gets overzealous, injuries are likely to happen. Usually just a slapping of hands, we dread to think what could happen if you're up against someone of an opposite height. In a moment of extreme tension, we wouldn't be surprised to see a few unintentional black eyes arising from particularly passionate moments of play. With that said, taking care will eliminate any threat of pain. When played in the right spirit, this title provides huge laughs, screams, and whelps of jealousy as the other team carve through the neutral fruits that can dramatically change the result of a competitive match.

Two players can squeeze onto screen at one time, but it might be an idea to wear protective clothing

After ten minutes of play, it's pretty clear that this title doesn't offer much for your 800 Microsoft Points. If you've already bought the game on your mobile, the package is even less satisfying. What we have here is essentially a HD update that allows players to get their whole body involved, instead of their fingertips. Unfortunately, Fruit Ninja Kinect isn't as quick to boot up as it's smaller brother, meaning short bursts of play aren't as accessible. The motion sensor works well, but it's hardly the most impressive use of the technology we'll ever see. In fact, this game could have been a lot of fun on the EyeToy, as HalfBrick's port isn't innovative in the slightest.

Negatives aside, this version of Fruit Ninja still has that moreish effect. Although the hefty price may deter many, those who take the punt will find themselves enjoying an arcade release that wants to get players wind-milling through the air like maniacs. If you manage to slice through a double-score banana the same time as having a frenzy, then prepare to chop more fruit than the local greengrocer. With wonderfully colour graphics and an eye for the light-hearted, Fruit Ninja Kinect is a welcome addition to the Xbox Live arcade. If Microsoft half the price, then we have ourselves a complete bargain. Until then, it's not quite the apple of our eye,

Top Gaming Moment: Slicing the pomegranate 50 times in a matter of seconds is hilarious.



By BFJoshua (SI Newbie) on Aug 26, 2011
Lol, neat. Addicting game too. :P