Green Day: Rock Band Review (Xbox360)

Green Day began as a punk band in the Oakland in the late eighties. With their working-class punk roots it's strange to see them now featuring in their own video game and playing to huge crowds at places like Milton Keynes.

Green Day Rock Band is therefore a bit of a strange product. The Rock Band concept thrived on technical music made very accessible and Green Day's three–chord pop-punk sits aside from the kind of music that has dominated both Rock Band and Guitar Hero so far.

Billie Joe Armstrong gets some digital dental work

Nevertheless the idea of a Green Day Rock Band game has been greeted with an extremely positive response with fans demonstrating that Green Day has enough appeal to pull off their own Rock Band title.

On the face of it Green Day Rock Band is almost identical to The Beatles Rock Band. It has the addictive four player band multiplayer and it adds the two-part vocal harmonies that Harmonix added in the latter title.

It also follows Green Day's history from their gigging days in the Bay Area back when Dookie was released in 1994 to their arena-filling tours supporting their American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown albums.

The music line-up is pretty solid as well. The track-listing features the entirety of Dookie and American Idiot supported by selected singles from Nimrod, Insomniac and the remaining tracks from 21st Century Breakdown that haven't already been released as DLC.

Venue-wise, the game features three classic venues; the 1994 club venue, the Milton Keynes Bowl Bullet in a Bible gig and a gig at the FOX Auditorium in Oakland, specially performed in honour of the game.

This is not quite as extensive as The Beatles was, but Green Day don't have quite as rich a history as the Liverpudlian legends and the venue list combined with the track listing should keep fanatical Green Day fans happy.

The game play is absolutely identical to every other Rock Band title, solid and entirely enjoyable with the different difficulty levels pitched well to cater for all levels of play. The game is packed with challenges and other unlockable bonuses like album artwork and photography from their various gigs and promo shoots across their career.

Playing through the game is fun. Hammer through it on your own or play through it with friends and it is quite a good laugh until you reach the final gig venue. One of the problems here is the way the songs have been distributed across the gigs. The first two gigs feature a decent smattering of tracks with 1994 exclusively featuring Dookie and the Milton Keynes gig mixing up the limited tracks from Insomniac and Nimrod with most of American Idiot.

The final FOX Auditorium gig is almost entirely made up of the tracks off the insipid 21st Century Breakdown album and it proved to be a bit of a turn off. This album is a bit of a departure from Green Day's usual stuff and can be very bland and flat to play in comparison to the faster more bouncy tracks, especially those off Dookie.

Play Green Day Rock Band and you will have fun but, given that the game has no real advances on The Beatles Rock Band it feels a bit redundant after a while. Current Green Day fans will love having a whole host of their favourite songs on one disc to wheel out when friends are round but most Rock Band fanatics will probably find the game a bit lacking.

Sing those two-part harmonies.

Green Day Rock Band is an enjoyable distraction but wholly unnecessary especially when you look at the features announced for Rock Band 3.

Best Moment: Playing through the entirety of Dookie will transport you back to 1994 when Green Day were an altogether different band. Quite exhilarating.

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By BoneArc (SI Elite) on Aug 06, 2010
Yay we get to play As an Emo Rock band together , yay !!

on a side note , they put alot of greenday songs in this one . i wonder why .
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Aug 06, 2010
Surely they have only focused on hit songs on this one. I think they even included 2 complete albums in this one. As an owner of all Guitar Hero and Rock Band games, nothing is stopping me from getting this one, even tough I'm not a fan of Punk Rock.
By BoneArc (SI Elite) on Aug 06, 2010
it just makes no sense .... Not alot of people like greenday anyways ...
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Aug 06, 2010
I think they do man. Those guys are pretty popular in teen magazines. If they are not so popular why did they get their own game... Trying to march with Metallica, Aerosmith and Van Halen I guess. Works for me ;)