miCoach News (Xbox360)

Dispute between THQ and Adidas "amicably resolved", miCoach continues

Posted: 29.03.2012 by Technet2k

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It's okay the rents have stopped fighting now. THQ and Adidas have made up and will continue their work on miCoach "without compromising any of its unique features." Phew.

Both parties were "recognized for and compensated" for their contributions to the project. Adidas launched a $10.6m suit against THQ for ceasing production of miCoach.

E3 2011: THQ and Adidas announce athletic trainer 'miCoach'

Posted: 06.06.2011 by Technet2k

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THQ and all-things sporty Adidas have announced an athletic training program called miCoach which will release for Xbox 360 and PS3 with motion support.

Kinect and PlayStation Move are to be fully supported, and miCoach features training for basketball, soccer, football, tennis and running 'alongside' sports stars.