Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia Preview (Xbox360)

Set to release on May 15th, Monster Madness: Battler for Suburbia is a hectic zombie-filled adventure the Xbox Live Marketplace has had the pleasure of hosting. Finally, a demo done right, but the game not so much.

The demo is complete with single player (or at least single console play) mode, verses, and Xbox Live, which is a rarity for any demo. Plus the fact that not only you can play with more than one person on the same console, but are encouraged to do so. Though if this game didnít do that, it probably wouldnít be worth playing.

MMBFSís highlights all fall under the category of multiplayer. Having several people on the screen doing different things to keep everyone alive, to work as a team. Or at least have fun watching each other getting eaten alive, whichever you prefer. But playing alone is a different experience. A crappy one.

At first I wanted to say the controls suck. But after trying it again, looking over what the button schematics are, and spending some time, they really donít. The only issue with control is turning. Because of the cameraís movement, which you donít control, the left thumbstick is for movement while the right thumbstick turns you. Turning itself had no sensitivity setting in the demo, an addition to pray for in the full version.

The weapons were alright, though the videoís show much more fun and exciting ones than I was able to find on my own. Sadly, there wasnít anything really worth mentioning.
Is MMBFS expected to hit the big time? I doubt it. The look and feel is that of an Arcade game, yet comes with the price tag of a standard 360 game. If it were only $50, then at least it would justify having the 25 levels and verses modes, but otherwise it doesnít seem like a great deal. Especially with the PC version being exactly that, $50.

If there are three extra people, all with controllers, and youíve nothing better to do, then this game is for you. If you donít have Xbox Live but have friends willing to endure the pain of sitting in the same ten feet as you, then this game is for you. Or if you are a kid who enjoys blasting away zombies and yelling into your microphone to burn out the eardrums of your fellow human beings, pick up a copy. Otherwise, you are an achievement whore or just really like the genre.

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