Portal 2 News (Xbox360)

Portal AI GLaDOS teaches fusion and fission differences at NASA

Posted: 27.02.2014 by Technet2k

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What could possibly go wrong with powering up GLaDOS with all of NASA at her disposal? In a cunning ploy to cram our brains with knowledge, the Portal AI is teaching science to bumbling technicians.

It seems GLaDOS is moving up in the world from potato to Polaroid camera. It's an educational video to explain what fusion and fission is to those less scientifically literate, or fearful of AIs.

Valve's Marc Laidlaw releases 'teaser' video

Posted: 24.07.2013 by Technet2k

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How, within a simple few seconds, do you get a significant player base frothing at the mouth? You get a Valve executive to teasingly point at the number '3' in an elevator, before choosing another level in the building.

Naturally this might be thought of as a Half-Life 3 trolling, but there's a real significant chance this might be for a Left 4 Dead 3 reveal. It's got an 'L', a '3' and a '4' in the clip.

Valve launch 'Pipeline' aimed at high school students interested in games industry

Posted: 15.07.2013 by Technet2k

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PC trend setter Valve is launching their 'Pipeline' service which will be informing aspiring high school hoodlums that want in the video games industry what they can expect, and how to go about preparing.

What's more is that Valve will be giving the reins of Pipeline over to teenagers themselves, or more specifically, the high school interns at the studio. It'll cover art, sound design and filming.

Rumour: EA Partners label to discontinue, Respawn's project unaffected

Posted: 25.04.2013 by Technet2k

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Publisher EA is shaking things up and among the casualties list is apparently the EA Partners label which saw third-party developers have their work signed up for distribution through EA's retail channels.

The likes of Crysis, Left 4 Dead, Portal 2, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Bulletstorm and Rock Band all passed through the program, but now it faces the chop in the pursuit of streamlining.

Portal 2 update adds split-screen co-op with Big Picture support Poll

Posted: 21.11.2012 by Technet2k

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Valve has updated Portal 2 so that now it finally matches console versions for split-screen co-op functionality. This is good science as it means PC gamers can enjoy Big Picture a lot more.

Big Picture is of course Valve's update to Steam so that PCs support being connected to TVs, as they make it easy to play your PC games and use Steam through just a controller.