Red Dead Redemption, review by Jake_SI

How the West was Won!

An absolute masterpiece. However, let me just start by pointing out that there is no shortage of glitches in this game, though this is something Rockstar are reportedly working hard to get sorted out with a patch to release within a few days.

These glitches are easy to look past though, and you'll truly understand why when you play. The game world is utterly beautiful, vast and teaming with life. Everywhere you go, you'll find animals, some afraid of you, some ignorant to your existence, and others hell-bent on your demise. Regardless, they provide countless hours of potential entertainment just on their own.

These seemingly pointless activities, such as hunting animals, are actually a key element in the game, as they allow you to 'skin' the animal and obtain items to sell at a merchant. So not only is the activity a fun time-waster, but is a great way to make cash to spend on whatever you feel like.

The campaign itself, is extremely interesting, and the game throws you into a variety of different settings and events, I never found myself repeating the same kinds of things over and over. The voice acting is superb (minus a couple of odd lines).. and the overall gameplay and appearance of RDR is virtually perfect. Once you've completed the campaign, fear not! the game has massive replay value, and on top of that, features an extremely fun multiplayer.

Definately amongst the top games of 2010, and a must-buy!
Posted on 06/02/2010 09:34
9.9 perfect