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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel "pretty big" but not like Borderlands 2, says Pitchford

Posted: 15.04.2014 by Technet2k

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Gearbox Software boss Randy Pitchford has said Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel isn't as big as Borderlands 2, which receives its final DLC today. However it is "as big, or a little bigger" than the original, he believes.

It's floating somewhere between the two, where much of the game is focused on the moon orbiting Pandora, the world where Borderlands has been set in both games.

BioWare's PAX East panels reveal more of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Posted: 15.04.2014 by Technet2k

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Over the weekend BioWare held panels at PAX East for Dragon Age: Inquisition and revealed some juicy morsels. One fan in particular collected what she could and blog-blabbed big time. Do you love to hate?

Our love interests in the new Dragon Age don't necessarily have to 'like us', teases BioWare. We're also warned about over-hunting, and the emphasis on exploration.

Combat trailer for RPG Bound by Flame with dev commentary

Posted: 11.04.2014 by Technet2k

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Mars: War Logs developer Spiders Games will be releasing their new fantasy RPG Bound by Flame early next month, which has an extensive crafting system as they've already teased with trailers.

Now the studio tease the RPG's combat with detailed commentary on its mechanics, from the different skill trees to companions we choose to fight alongside.

The Witcher 3's use of Umbra 3 engine explained in GDC presentation

Posted: 10.04.2014 by Technet2k

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How does CD Projekt RED manage to generate a huge open world in The Witcher 3 without crippling our PCs? They explain how the Umbra 3 middleware only 'loads' parts of the world we're actually looking at.

In a GDC presentation, programmer Przemyslaw Czatrowski said they greatly freed up graphics memory by just rendering what we see, as the world is parcelled into 'tomes'.

Square Enix to distribute Enemy Front and Lords of the Fallen in Europe

Posted: 09.04.2014 by Technet2k

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CI Games' modern WW2 first-person shooter and action RPG Lords of the Fallen will be packaged up and shipped out by Square Enix in France, the UK and Ireland.

This is part of an expansion on their partnership in France. Enemy Front is due for release this June while Lords of the Fallen is scheduled later in 2014.

New Borderlands is standalone 'pre-sequel', four new characters with Claptrap

Posted: 09.04.2014 by Technet2k

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Gearbox Software is working with 2K Australia on a new 'pre-sequel' Borderlands that bridges events between the first and second game, and it's set on a low gravity moon with four 'all-new' characters.

Technically they're not 'new' new, as we already know them, but they'll be playable. Oxygen is also a new resource, and is used to power jetpacks and... butt-stomping. New elemental effects too.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance most likely digital first, publishers "good for nothing"

Posted: 02.04.2014 by Technet2k

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Warhorse Studios was at GDC and they got to talking with interested parties for their non-fantasy medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and they concluded: publishers are "basically good for nothing."

At least the larger ones are, while the small publishers "are much more sensible," and understand "the way the world is moving." A digital release is in their future.

Square Enix trademarked Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on March 14th

Posted: 28.03.2014 by Technet2k

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A European trademark for 'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided' has been spotted and was filed by Square Enix back on March 14th. It covers all spectrums with 'computer software' and 'video games' being repeatedly mentioned.

Eidos Montreal are putting all their Deus Ex efforts under the single umbrella of 'Deus Ex: Universe', which is to encompass all future and connected experiences. A casting call was found last week.

Pirate RPG Raven's Cry releasing October 14th, 'doubled the game's content'

Posted: 28.03.2014 by Technet2k

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TopWare Interactive and Reality Pump are delaying Raven's Cry until October 14th as the RPG has since 'doubled' its content and features, they announce. It has an expanded skill tree with over 25 options.

There's a 25+ hour main storyline for Christopher Raven, an open-world with side quests, an economic system for trading, realistic naval combat and cutscenes of piracies darker side.

Fan-made Deus Ex short film releases, live-action based on Human Revolution

Posted: 26.03.2014 by Technet2k

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Back in December a teasing one minute long trailer for a Deus Ex short film released, but now the finished article is out punching through walls and rifling desks for credits. It's over 12 minutes long.

It's a fan-made project and uses special effects to bring this live-action Human Revolution to life. It features Adam Jensen, assassin Yelena Fedorova and scientist Megan Reed.

BioWare tease introduction to Dragon Age: Inquisition mage Vivienne

Posted: 24.03.2014 by Technet2k

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One of our party members in Dragon Age: Inquisition is Vivienne, and BioWare has just posted a short teasing introduction to the politically scheming mage who stands as official enchanter to the Imperial court.

She's not keen on anything standing in her way, and doesn't much care for the mage rebellion - she wants "to restore order in a world gone mad". More is on the way this Wednesday.

From Software explains "delicate balance" behind Dark Souls 2 visuals

Posted: 19.03.2014 by Technet2k

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Developer From Software and Namco Bandai are under fire from the Dark Souls 2 community after some comparison footage was posted showing the significant visual differences from earlier demos.

It showed the retail version having been 'downgraded' from the demo's earlier visual fidelity. From Software has now responded explaining the "delicate balance" they struck.

Ubisoft release first dev diary for Child of Light in 'Making of' series

Posted: 18.03.2014 by Technet2k

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An official behind-the-scenes 'The Making of Child of Light' series has begun today with part one now available. Creative Director Patrick Plourde and writer Jeffrey Yohalem give fans a peek at the studio and game.

This first instalment looks at the art style of the 2D RPG as well as introduces the game's world and lead character. Child of Light is powered by the UbiArt Framework engine.

The Witcher 3's delay into 2015 has "not really affected" Cyberpunk 2077

Posted: 13.03.2014 by Technet2k

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Surely the news of Geralt's return in The Witcher 3 now due in early 2015 has led to RPG Cyberpunk 2077 being pushed back? No, says CD Projekt RED CEO Marcin Iwinski. It's handled by a "separate team" after all.

That and I don't think our hearts could take it. They do use "certain team members" between teams given their scope, but it won't impact the day-to-day development.

The Witcher 3 delayed until February 2015, "sorry to make you wait longer"

Posted: 11.03.2014 by Technet2k

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CD Projekt RED has issued an open letter revealing their decision to delay The Witch 3: Wild Hunt until February 2077. Whoops, I meant February, 2015. No idea where that other date came from punking me like that.

It's a decision they've agonised over says the studio but it was "ultimately clear and obvious" that the fantasy RPG would benefit from those extra months before reaching us.

Midnight City to publish Gone Home and Double Fine's Costume Quest 2

Posted: 11.03.2014 by Technet2k

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Majesco Entertainment's indie label Midnight City has just grown by two projects. They will publish Double Fine's recently announced Costume Quest 2, and Fullbright Company's Gone Home for console.

Both indie games are due later this year. Double Fine are bringing back the candy craze this Halloween as our favourite trick-or-treaters return to do battle in their costumes.

Spiders explain crafting system for fantasy RPG Bound by Flame

Posted: 10.03.2014 by Technet2k

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Mars: War Logs developer Spiders has published a detailed post over on the PlayStation.Blog all about the crafting system in their upcoming fantasy RPG Bound by Flame. Already they had teased the system.

Now the studio starts getting into the finer details of the system, which will offer a great deal of customisation, and offer "some of the best pieces" to equip yourself with.

South Park: The Stick of Truth's censorship "does feel like a double standard"

Posted: 07.03.2014 by Technet2k

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Co-creator Matt Stone of South Park has called the brief censorship in The Stick of Truth as something of a "double standard," and remarks a TV episode with the same content will have unlikely been cut.

It's "not that big a deal," as what does get cut is very little. They did want to make a joke out of it being cut though, "that was fine." Stone is happy an uncut version exists.

South Park RPG delays in Germany and Austria over "unconstitutional symbol"

Posted: 05.03.2014 by Technet2k

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Despite having been censored prior to release, South Park: The Stick of Truth is still facing delay in Germany and Austria because of an "unconstitutional symbol" present, which refers to the 'Nazi zombies'.

It seems an error has led to Germany and Austria receiving the uncensored North American version. It's unclear why digital builds are also affected.

Censored scenes removed from South Park to "avoid a 'Hot Coffee' type situation"

Posted: 03.03.2014 by Technet2k

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If you thought you could turn some 0s into 1s and get the censored scenes in South Park: The Stick of Truth to show, then you'd be mistaken. The actual scenes are completely removed, including the audio.

A Ubisoft Associate Producer explained the situation and their reasoning was to "avoid a 'Hot Coffee' type situation," by ripping out the "20-second-or-so gameplay/cutscene" from the disc.
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