Cheats & Hints

Rumble Roses XX Hints, Tips

Photo Shoot mode:
Earn 8,000 cash then buy the camera in the shop.
Sound Test in locker room:
Earn 9.000 cash then buy the audio set in the shop.
Unlock swimsuits in the shop:
Play as any default character in their swinsuits for several matches. They will eventually become available for purchase for 9,000 for all other characters.
Unlock Rowdy Reiko:
Play as Reiko Hinomoto until she becomes the champion. Then, play as Evil Rose and take the championship title from Reiko. Finally, defeat the reward match against Rowdy Reiko.
Pump Her Up:
Partaking in any match increases your fighter's ability to be customized in body (appearance) and muscle (performance). Increasing muscle stats will increase the damage you do, and reduce the damage taken. Only the normal fighter may be customized; superstars are played as designed. Strikes and throws increase stats. Being subject to submissions reduce them.
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.
Singles Champion Reiko Hinomoto (10)
You have won the Singles Title with Reiko Hinomoto.
Singles Champion Rowdy Reiko (10)
You have won the Singles Title with Rowdy Reiko.