Scene It? Box Office Smash Review (Xbox360)

Having a party without any form of entertainment? Is your party dying down without any sign of livening up? Well Microsoft presents one of its marquee party games this winter in the form of Scene It? Box Office Smash that performs better than its predecessor with replay and entertainment value.

The Scene It? brand has continually grown over the past few years with popularity. Its success on the Xbox 360 revolves around attractiveness of cinema to the masses around the world. Everyone loves a good movie so sitting down with a few friends and answering questions to your favorite movies is only a natural option for an icebreaker. With four Big Button Pad controllers in hand, an evening with Box Office Smash is bound to win over gamer and non-gamer alike.

Avatars are now a supported feature.
Juno is one of the included movies for trivia.

If you’ve played the original that released in 2007, Box Office Smash plays exactly the same on the Xbox 360. You’ll go through four rounds of trivia questions that include dozens of movie clips to watch. As it was with last year’s iteration, the movie clips run their course quite quickly so be prepared to face the repetition in under a few hours. Keeping score for the first three rounds, players must enter the fourth round – titled the “final cut” – with a good lead or else face the consequences of having your competitors earn multipliers to pull ahead.

With playing up to four friends, Box Office Smash now allows gamers to jump online and compete against strangers worldwide. There’s no lag with the online portion, so it’s a great alternative if you’d like to scratch that itch when you have no friends to play with. Still, the main concern with Box Office Smash is that you’ll run into the same movie clips and questions in no time so the fun factor is reduced.

The general idea behind Scene It? is to answer questions at a lightning pace before your competitors do. The puzzles are easy to understand with unscrambling letters to form a movie title, looking at movie posters as they slowly reveal, putting movies in order of their release date and much more. In comparison to last year’s edition, the games are much more enjoyable with only one noticeable emission – that being the original’s “guess the celebrity in the high school photo.” The only concern I have with Box Office Smash is that many of the movie clips included don’t have enough questions concerning what happened in the scenes but rather the history surrounding the clip. Even with that considered, Box Office Smash is a superb trivia game for movie buffs.

There are two gigantic additions to the Scene It? brand on the Xbox 360. The first is the ability to use your personal avatars that are now accessible with the New Xbox Live Experience. This adds a lot of needed personality to the series to push it above and beyond just another trivia game. The second addition is the promise of downloadable content in the future – something that is already a dire need for Box Office Smash as only a few hours of gameplay will produce several sessions with repeated questions and movie clips.

The Graduate or Hard Target? It’s a toughie.
Over ten puzzle types are found in Box Office Smash.

There’s another addition – albeit small – included in stat tracking. Box Office Smash will keep track of your games played, games won, games played online, questions correct and wrong, perfect puzzles and a few others. This facet won’t win over too many people, but it is a worthy addition to keep you competitive against your friends and family.

Don’t expect Scene It? Box Office Smash to win awards for its graphics (avatars being the gist of it) or audio (which is grating), but it’ll keep any party entertained. Xbox Live and the promise of downloadable content are two humongous additions that should have been included in the original, so there’s enough here for a second dipping with the Scene It? franchise on the Xbox 360.

Top Game Moment: Watching movie clips from Jurassic Park and The Bourne Ultimatum.


By nobuargaoda (SI Core Veteran) on Dec 08, 2008
Funny game.... good review!