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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (Xbox360)

Chris Capel chats with 2K Games' Nico Bihary on the game previously known as XCOM.

Posted 13 May 2013  |  Talked with Nico Bihary

Crysis 3 (Xbox360)

Strategy Informer talks with Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli and Game Director Rasmus Hojengaard to talk technology, whether there's room for innovation in shooters anymore and what Crytek's possible free-to-play future means for Crysis.

Posted 08 Feb 2013  |  Talked with Cevat Yerli & Rasmus Hojengaard

BioShock Infinite (Xbox360)

We sat down with level designer Shaun Elliott to discuss how Irrational has gone about succeeding BioShock.

Posted 17 Dec 2012  |  Talked with Shaun Elliott

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 (Xbox360)

Strategy Informer talks with Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 producer Michael Sroczynski.

Posted 06 Dec 2012  |  Talked with Michael Sroczynski

Aliens: Colonial Marines (Xbox360)

Chris Capel has a chat with the gameís senior producer, and doesnít blow him out of the goddamned airlock. Thatís a step up for him.

Posted 28 May 2012  |  Talked with Senior Producer, Brian Burleson

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters (Xbox360)

We get the lowdown on design choices behind the BF3 expansion.

Posted 26 Apr 2012  |  Talked with Patrick Bach

Far Cry 3 (Xbox360)

We spoke to Game Designer Dan Berlin about the multiplayer mode in Far Cry 3.

Posted 04 Apr 2012  |  Talked with Dan Berlin

Borderlands 2 (Xbox360)

We talk to the Vice-President of Gearbox about Borderlands 2Ö

Posted 04 Apr 2012  |  Talked with Steve Gibson

Spec Ops: The Line (Xbox360)

We find out where Spec Ops: The Line is...

Posted 06 Feb 2012  |  Talked with Shawn Frison, Lead Designer

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (Xbox360, Xbox360)

We talk to Creative Director Jean-Marc Geffroy

Posted 26 Jan 2012  |  Talked with Jean-Marc Geffroy, Creative Director

Syndicate (Xbox360)

We talk with Executive Producer Jeff Gamon to find out why Syndicate went FPS.

Posted 01 Nov 2011  |  Talked with Jeff Gamon

Battlefield 3 (Xbox360)

Battlefield 3 approaches it's final hours...

Posted 07 Oct 2011  |  Talked with Patrick Liu

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Xbox360)

We interview Chet Faliszek about Counter Strike: Global Offensive...

Posted 27 Sep 2011  |  Talked with Chet Faliszek

Bodycount (Xbox360)

We took a break from counting to talk to one of the brains behind the bodies...

Posted 08 Aug 2011  |  Talked with Max Kant, Art Director

Child of Eden (Xbox360)

We talk to the mastermind behind Child of Eden...

Posted 19 Apr 2011  |  Talked with Tetsuya Mizuguchi

F.E.A.R. 3 (Xbox360)

We talk to the producer behind the third mainline entry in this horror FPS series...

Posted 14 Apr 2011  |  Talked with Ernest Zamora Jr. (Producer)

Gears of War 3 (Xbox360)

We talk to one of the masterminds behind Gears of War 3...

Posted 16 Mar 2011  |  Talked with Rod Fergusson, Executive Producer

Crysis 2 (Xbox360)

We talk to one of the minds behind Crysis 2...

Posted 17 Feb 2011  |  Talked with Nathan Camarillo

Bulletstorm (Xbox360)

If you don't read this interview I will kill your dick...

Posted 08 Feb 2011  |  Talked with Adrian Chmielarz & Cliff Bleszinski

Operation Flashpoint: Red River (Xbox360)

We wade through the waters to bring you an interview with Executive Producer Adam Parsons...

Posted 26 Jan 2011  |  Talked with Adam Parsons, Executive Producer

Breach (Xbox360)

We bring you the skinny on robust online shooter Breach...

Posted 18 Nov 2010  |  Talked with Peter Tamte

Duke Nukem Forever (Xbox360)

We talk to one of The Duke's saviours...

Posted 11 Oct 2010  |  Talked with Steve Gibson

Halo: Reach (Xbox360)

We sit down with some guys from Bungie as they prepare to give their beloved franchise a last hurrah.

Posted 31 Jul 2010  |  Talked with Niles Sankey & Brian Jarrard

Nexuiz (Xbox360)

We talk to the guys behind upcoming XBLA/PSN shooter Nexuiz.

Posted 30 Jul 2010  |  Talked with Kedhrin Gonzalez

Blacklight: Tango Down (Xbox360)

We tango with Blacklight Project Lead, Jared Gerritzen. (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Posted 22 Jun 2010  |  Talked with Jared Gerritzen

Alan Wake (Xbox360)

We stay A.Wake to talk to Remedy's Oskari Hakkinen. (Xbox 360)

Posted 12 May 2010  |  Talked with Oskari Hakkinen

Raven Squad (Xbox360)

Strategy Informer talks with Lee Perez, Producer on Raven Squad.

Posted 13 Jul 2009  |  Talked with Lee Perez

Left 4 Dead 2 (Xbox360)

We pick Doug Lombardi's brain regarding Left 4 Dead 2.

Posted 09 Jul 2009  |  Talked with Doug Lombardi

The Saboteur (Xbox360)

We chat to Pandemic about their Sunday matinee style WWII title, The Saboteur.

Posted 01 Jun 2009  |  Talked with Pandemic

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (Xbox360)

Deep in space, only Riddick will be able to see through the darkness and insert fear in the minds of the corrupt.

Posted 09 Mar 2009  |  Talked with Ian Stevens

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard (Xbox360)

Managing to cajole our way into a timed ten-minute interview with Brian Etheridge, producer for D3 Publishing, LA, we talked about Eat Lead...

Posted 30 Oct 2008  |  Talked with Brian Etheridge

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (Xbox360)

We talked with Naoki Eguchi of Namco Bandai Games Europe.

Posted 05 Feb 2008  |  Talked with Naoki Eguchi

Warhound (Xbox360)

The producer of Warhound brought to us some interesting details about this third-person shooter.

Posted 14 Feb 2007  |  Talked with Adrian Sikora

The History Channel: Civil War (Xbox360)

We got a few answers from Jeff Muench about The History Channel: Civil War - A Nation Divided.

Posted 24 Oct 2006  |  Talked with Jeff Muench

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