South Park: Let's Go Tower Defense Play! Review (Xbox360)

Microsoft and Doublesix Games announced the exclusive South Park title at E3 2008 and many wondered what would ever come of this touted title with the lucrative license attached. Fast forward a year and a half later and they have delivered an entertaining and laugh-out-loud tower defense game that can be enjoy by both genre enthusiasts and fanatics of the show.

As a tower defense game, South Park: Letís Go Tower Defense Play! is simple and thatís a good thing. The objective is stopping the legion of enemies from starting at one end of the screen and finishing at the other. Players are eligible to set up snow mazes, throw snowballs at them to lower their health, put up towers and activate super-powers to clean up house when needed. The enemies will be sent in waves, and once they start coming, itís an ever-flowing process of an offensive and defensive assault. Players will frantically be taking their characters and running them around the screen to halt the enemies from attacking the city of South Park and ultimately bringing the health down to zero.

Playing as Cartman, Stan, Kenny and Kyle, the game offers a variety of different options to attack the enemies and set up defensive strategies. Each tower has its strength against an enemyís weakness, so knowing which is best utilized in each scenario is crucial for victory. If players are veterans to the tower defense genre, then they should find South Park a cinch to pick up and play since itís not incredibly difficult to get the gist of or master. Hordes of enemies are jam-packed on the screen and itís up to the players to take them out by any means necessary. If things get rough, then players can use the special powers they earn from throwing snowballs at the enemies such as Stan healing the town, Kyle providing a damage and speed modifier, Cartman setting his anger off to damage all enemies, or Kenny allowing players to earn more money from the enemies to build more towers.

Having full control of the four characters, players are able to unlock a wide variety of supporting characters from the show such as: Token, Craig, Butters, Jimmy, Timmy, Red, and many more. Each of those characters comes equipped with their own powers, but many of them turn out to be similar to the last such as Jimmy and Butters creating a cyclone on the map as they clear out enemies set before them. Many other town regulars join the storyline Ė which, by the way has a mystery figure sending the nefarious villains from the showís history attacking the town such as the ginger kids, the sixth graders and the Mongolians Ė to assist the children. With the help of Jimbo and Ned, players are able to stop the advancing flock of enemies from traveling across a patch of ice.

The multiplayer function in South Park is fantastic and Iíd dare say that players wouldnít be getting the most out of the game if they didnít hop online or play cooperatively offline with a friend. Four players are allowed for either, so itís recommended that South Park be played with friends or a family member that enjoys the television series.

The visual presentation of South Park is commendable. The cut-scenes between missions are fantastic and the actual gameplay graphics are similar to what players would expect from the cartoon series. They arenít the ugly 3D models from the Nintendo 64 iteration. Sure, a few animations of the special abilities are recycled, but the general graphical department is up to par with whatís expected from the South Park franchise in the video game medium.

On the audio end of the spectrum, the voice-actors for all the characters are provided (Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the show creators, actually voice the majority of them). The dialogue is absolutely hilarious and is enjoyable several times through. Hearing Jimmy stutter as he realizes the action is getting too fast-paced is chuckle-worthy. The music is hands-down more impressive than originally imagined as each and every song is fitting for each level.

The best advice anyone can be given is to pick up South Park: Letís Go Tower Defense Play! for the Xbox Live Arcade if they are either a fan of the genre or a huge South Park fan by default.

Top Game Moment:
When gamers finally add Kenny to the team and are able to have all four lead characters ready to battle the villainous South Park enemies.

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By PyrettaBlaze (SI Veteran Member) on Nov 05, 2009
This game was pretty fun. If you are a fan of the show then you will definitely get a kick out of the game.