Splosion Man News (Xbox360)

Splosion Man appearing in Retro City Rampage

Posted: 20.11.2011 by JonahFalcon

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Retro City Rampage is an Xbox Live Arcade game that mimicks the old 16-bit SNES games of yore, and parodies many of the 1990's video game era tropes, with references to games of the past and of the present.

Twisted Pixel: Microsoft buying us "makes sense for both companies"

Posted: 06.11.2011 by JonahFalcon

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Microsoft recently acquired developer Twisted Pixel, which is best known for the 'Splosion Man games and the Kinect title The Gunstringer. The future plans for the partnership have not been detailed yet, but the developer is confident that the acquisition "makes sense" to both companies.

Microsoft acquires Indie Game Developer Twisted Pixel

Posted: 12.10.2011 by JamieSI

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Microsoft has announced today that it's acquired Austin, Texas-based game developer Twisted Pixel, which is known for developing The Gunstringer for Kinect and XBLA title Splosion Man.

Twisted Pixel started out in 2006 as an independent studio developing Xbox Live Arcade titles, but it recently worked with Microsoft to develop an Xbox 360 exclusive for Kinect called The Gunstringer, which received a respectable score of 8.5/10 here on Strategy Informer.

Twisted Pixel "focus on characters," not just 'shooting faces'

Posted: 13.09.2011 by Technet2k

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The Gunstringer developer Twisted Pixel, creator of The Maw and 'Splosion Man, have said character focus is the "key thing across all" their game creations.

They've always "started with a cool character" and built the gameplay around them, including its "visual style and audio". It's "really missing" in today's games.

Limbo, Trials HD and 'Splosion Man retails May 13th in the UK

Posted: 28.03.2011 by Technet2k

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The boxed retail released of the Xbox Live Arcade triple pack is May 13th for the UK, and a day earlier in the US. It contains Limbo, Trials HD and 'Splosion Man.

The suggested retail price is $29.99. It will also be sold in Japan May 19th. Hopefully a retail release will spread these great titles to more Xbox 360s out there.